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Hasta Psikolojisi ve İletişim Teknikleri
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The schools which constitute our consortium provide training for health services as Nursery or Services for Patient and Elderly People. The students who study these fields participate in extensive internship activities in health service organizations when they are at 11. and 12. grade. The main topic of our project is Patient Psychology. People who work at health services must be competent on human psychology. Most of the hospitalized patients have also psychological problems and they need particular interest. On the other hand, any kind of health problems effect the human psychology at variable degrees. Thus, health services personnel must be experienced on psychology as well as on their own fields. A calm patient in a healthy communication environment cope with all kinds of health issues easier. Our Project is a vocational student mobility for vocational training. The institutions that send participants are Atatürk MTAL, Zeynep Kamil MTAL and Lalahan ÇPAL. The coordinator institution of this consortium is Atatürk Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. Our partner organizations that provide training to our students are Fundatia Dr. Victor Babes, Roc Ter AA and Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola. The participants of our Project were Nursery students for Atatürk MTAL and Zeynep Kamil MTAL, Services for Patient and Elderly People students for Lalahan ÇPAL. The students who were on their 11. and 12. grades, and 14 students for each institution, 42 students in total participated our project. Each of consortium member institutions were paired with one of our partner organizations. The students from Atatürk MTAL participated the training in Fundatia Dr. Victor Babes, the students from Zeynep Kamil MTAL in Roc Ter AA and the students from Lalahan ÇPAL in Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola. The period of mobility took 3 weeks and the participants attended both educational and social activities. The partner organizations fulfilled the accommodational, food and beverage related, transportational, safety related needs of our participants and accompanying people. Thanks to our Project, the knowledge and the experience on the Patient Psychology subject has been carried from three qualified organizations of three European countries to Turkey and educational quality of our institutions has been improved. Also, by observing the Patient Psychology related internship activities executed by the partner organizations, our consorsitum member institutions had an opportunity to execute this kind of activities by modelling our qualified partner organizations. Therefore the lack of experience of our institutions on this kind of activities has been removed. Fundatia Dr. Victor Babes is a health services organization. Psychiatry department of organization provides practical trainings for Patient Psychology to its own personnel and to participants from institutions or organizations. Participants attend these trainings in the organization and communicate to the patients of the organization personally. Roc Ter AA is an educational organization that offers trainings on many different fields. Health and Care Academy of Roc Ter AA provides practical educations in its partner health service organizations. These trainings are carried out by experts of Roc Ter AA, who are specialized on Patient Psychology. Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola is an educational institution that train health services personnel. That institution aims to train personnel who are competent on patient psychology as well as on their main fields, therefore its Psychiatry and Psychological Support department provides patient psychology related trainings and students-personnel of different institutions may benefit from these trainings, too. Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola educates too many personnel for health service organizations in its country and has partnership relations with many health service organizations. Practical trainings of the institution are carried out in its partner health services organizations. All three of our partner organizations who will provide trainings to our participants are experienced on Erasmus+ projects as well as the Patient Psychology educations. The general management of our project was carried out by consortium coordinator Atatürk MTAL. Institutional and local arrangements was carried out by each consortium member institution. Thanks to the dissemination activities, it has become possible to execute qualified Patient Psychology internship activites for all of the institutions that trains health service personnel in Turkey. Therefore, the health services quality of Turkey has been improved.
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