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Harnessing Quantum Systems with Superconductivity and Magnetism (QSuperMag)
Start date: Nov 1, 2013, End date: Oct 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

QSuperMag aims at using magnetic fields and superconductors to harness quantum degrees of freedom in order to make accessible an unprecedented parameter regime in the fields of quantum micro- and nanomechanical oscillators, quantum simulation with ultracold atoms, and solid-state quantum information processing. The goal is to establish a new paradigm in quantum optics by replacing laser light with magnetic fields, and especially, superconductors.Laser light has been the ubiquitous tool in the last decades to control and manipulate quantum systems because it is fast, coherent, and can be focused to address individual degrees of freedom. However, the use of lasers poses fundamental limitations, such as heating and decoherence due to scattering and absorption of photons, and a minimum length-scale to achieve coherent control due to the diffraction limit. The main goal of QSuperMag is to circumvent these limitations by using magnetic fields and superconductors to harness quantum systems that are traditionally controlled and addressed by laser light. This will be done by developing new theory and proposing experiments which lie at the interplay between the fields of quantum science and superconductivity.QSuperMag’s goals are to:-Propose cutting-edge experiments in the field of quantum micromechanical systems. This will be achieved by exploiting the unique features of our recent proposal for quantum magnetomechanics using magnetically-levitated superconducting microspheres [ORI et al. PRL 109, 11013 (2012)].-Put forward a magnetic nanolattice for ultracold atoms in which the distance between lattice sites is of the order of few tens of nanometers. Together with a magnetic toolbox this will place the field of quantum simulation in a radically new scenario.-Use superconductors to enhance the coupling of remote magnetic dipoles in order to design an all-magnetic quantum information processor in diamond. This will also have relevant technological applications.
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