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We wanted to raise the understanding of our participating learners, teachers, trainers and local representatives, regarding the role they can play in building European strategies, at their level of competence, by the empowerment of the knowledge of our common European dimension, multicultural issues within Europe and individual countries, and barriers to integration of immigrant people. The project aimed to explore new ways to integrate European citizenship, multicultural and immigrant issues in educational programmes for adults, as well as to define common goals among partners.The approach followed was separated in two stages, each one corresponding to one project year: study of the above mentioned issues and incorporation of the results into partners’ curricula. During the first year each partner developed local processes, according to its characteristics and target group. Content included political, historical, environmental and cultural issues. Each partner presented examples good practices regarding development of intercultural skills. In the second year we worked in similar issues and each partner developed educational approaches suitable for its target group. Results publicized on a website. This whole itinerary created a new understanding as to how to play a more active role in society by incorporating a European added value to actions in the personal, civil or professional lives of the participants. Young and older adults who have had little or no opportunity to travel to Europe attended trans-national meetings.
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