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Harmonization and Modernization of the Curriculum for Primary Teacher Education
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

The wider project objective is the modernization of teacher education by the standards of the EU and contribute to linking higher education with primary school education. Specific project objectives are the harmonization and modernization of the existing curriculum of primary scool teacher education at undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies and the introduction of new courses and modules, and development of continuous education courses for primary school teachers, also. These objectives will be achieved through engagement of four state universities of Serbia in cooperation with 6 nonacademic partners ( Institute for the Improvement of Education, Ministry of Education of the Republic Serbia, 3 elementary school - for teacher training, 1 school for special education) and 4 EU universities with experience in a teacher education. The principal outcomes will be improving the structure and content in the curriculum of primary school teacher education,improving the methodology of teaching, implementation of curriculum, development and implementation of training courses for primary school teachers. The project will provide a framework for upgrade of human and infrastructural potential necessary to achieve these goals through teacher training and cooperation between universities as well as cooperation with non-academic partners and transfer of knowledge and experience. Participation of 4 state Serbian universities and nonacademic partners in this project will generate a significant impact on the national level while the EU partners will provide experience and know-how necessary for fast and successful achievements of the project’s goals. Sustainability of the project results will provide a permanent impact on the national level.

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