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Harmonising Sport Science Curricula in the Balkans in the EU Perspective

The project seeks to build on and extend the achievements of a previous Tempus project in updating structure, both curricula and administrative, in sports science. Further, the project aims to harmonise provision between the participating institutions in three Balkan countries. The specific objectives are: "To harmonize the content and structure of sport science curricula among 1) the Academy of Physical Education & Sport in Tirana, 2) the Faculty of Physical Education of Prishtina University, and 3) the Faculty of Physical Education of Tetovo University, with respect to local needs and the EU system, aiming to:- overcoming the fragmentation between countries and aligning the Bachelor & Master Curricula in Sport Science to the European system and to the Bologna process, thereby promoting mobility and the upgrading of students and Faculty, while more generally fostering mutual understanding and cooperation within the Balkan region and with EU countries, in line with pre-accession and accession policy;- updating study programs, particularly in the biomedical perspective, and reflecting scientific and educational advances while reducing the gap between learning outcomes and social and job market requirements, thereby enhancing the employability of Sport Science graduates and post-graduates and addressing Balkans' new social and public health needs;"

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