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Harmonious Pathways EVS project
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Nov 17, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The centre in the south east of Ireland is in a rural area full of heritage. It is sited on an old farmhouse with outbuildings which are being developed for youth and community groups to use at an affordable cost. It has been in development for the last four years and in the past two year volunteers from SCI International have come to the project in the summer to help develop the centre. This is our first EVS hosting project and we are thrilled to be able to realise this project with EVS providing young people from around Europe with a quality EVS short-term project that will help develop them in a personal and professional capacity. The project will develop the competencies of the young people and the benefits to the young people will be their increased mobility within EU, enhanced language development, intercultural learning, increased employability, appreciation of the outdoors and its positive impact on mental and physical health. This project is for the volunteers to help create an outdoor space in a learning /permaculture centre. Through guidance, non-formal learning methods, use of creativity the 10 EVS volunteers along side other vol members of Eolas Soileir & vol supporters will be part of a 2 week project to transform a small piece of land into a multi-purpose common area. We want to transform this area into a space where groups and individuals who visit our centre can make use of an outdoor area that has multi-functional uses. We see this space including a reflective area, a break-out space for groups to use, a multi sensory area, a place for art installations - that is part of nature and promotes creativity and an appreciation of the outdoors. We want this to be a project about sustainability therefore we will use reclaimed materials where possible. All the partners see Youthpass as giving the young person an opportunity to assess, recognise and validate their learning and skills acquirement. This reflective learning will be a feature of the EVS project with time set aside every day for the young people to reflect and assess their learning in a structured environment. Documentation will happen throughout the project both in written form and visually through photography. This will result in a document that will be widely disseminated by all partners. This document will serve to inspire and give a detailed step-by-step approach to this project so that others may be inspired and educated in their own similar project development. This EVS is perfect for any young person who wants to learn more about permaculture, horticulture, sustainability, heritage and project management. Whilst at the same time learning to use their creativity, become a better team player, be involved in an intercultural team, further their language skills, enhance their leadership development and appreciation for the outdoors. They will be working exclusively in the outdoors – in nature and be part of the project management team. This will give the young person an opportunity to assess if they would like to study these areas further, it will also enhance their CV and give them very real transferable skills to bring to potential studies and/or jobs. They will be working in teams developing projects such as an art installation, designing and planting for a quiet reflection area, designing and making a small children's area, improving a small pond area, laying paths throughout the space, constructing benches and table for groups to use. All partners have built short-term EVS into their strategic plans - short-term EVS give young people a taste for EVS and develop the young person to such a degree that they go home and plan a long-term EVS at some stage in the future! All partners will work with the volunteers to ensure that vols have the opportunity to realise this if they desire. Eolas Soileir would like to run a short-term EVS over the next couple of years during the summer developing and building upon the learning of this EVS. All partners have expressed their wish to maintain and build upon this partnership and develop other Erasmus+ projects. There is a real need for quality short-term EVS projects particularly those which will work with young people with less opportunities. This year the project involves a mixture of young people which adds to the diversity of the project and learning outcomes for the young people. The long term benefits include quality EVS short-term project that promotes the value of the Erasmus+ programme.

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