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Haritacılık Öğrencilerinin Avrupada CBS Stajı
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CBS is a systematical structure which is developed to solve complicated social,economical environmental etc. problems. CBS applications which are developed for various areas of usage and thematic themes,is called as Urban Information System,Forest Information System,Highways Information System,Territory Information System,Turkish Land Registery and Cadastre Information System, Logistic Information System,Domestic Security Information System,Vehicle Monitoring Information System,Campus Information System,Earthquake Information System,Map Information System etc. In our day,CBS technology is used in substructures(natural gas, electricity, water),urban planning,criminology,marketing,mine mapping,chartography,detection and harvest calculation of planted areas,military applications,air,sea and land traffic,meteorology,search and rescue and many other areas. For example;CBS make it possible to make calculations for make immediate treatments easier during natural disasters,is used to find and protect new wetland areas.CBS is a technology related to geography,chartography and computer sciences,and in our country the biggest obstacle for CBS applications and improvement of this sector is the lack of qualified personnel.Even though CBS system works on data processing platform,on the point of data validation for the system,chartography,land registery and cadastre and geography function the most basic and the most important task.Today,CBS which has the widest usage web in the areas of land registry and cadastre and urban management,is a sector which needs a great number of qualified personnel.The main aim of this Project is,to improve our students’ and teachers’ knowledge and skills in the area of CBS,increasing the employability of our students,investigating the new methods and technologies which are education and application oriented,and to take samples and transfer good applications.The special purposes of this Project are;to investigate CBS and different usage areas,to improve our school’s education and training quality,to raise our existing competences,to improve collaborative work culture and awareness,to develop our cross-cultural dialogues and to contribute creating Europe awareness in our country.The attendant group will consist of 32 students who study at Map-Land Registry Branch in our school, and 4 companions. There will be 4 mobility at different dates with 32 students and 4 companions to Koning Willem I College and TELINDUS Firm at Holland to do intership.As we have 2 partners, each internship will be done with groups of 8 students and 1companion.Our companion students do not have the experience of doing internship at abroad. However, they have the skills of making researches, investigations and collaborative work about the themes and activities that were coordinated at our school formerly.Key activities are handled under 4 main headlines.The basic activities that will be realised during preparation phase can be summed up as creating Project Management Commission, signing contracts with partners and attendants, determining project activities and distributing duties, providing training for preperation of attendants and completing official proceedings.Mobility activities that will be done as 2 movements in Holland,can be summarized as our students’ intership at CBS, monitoring and investigation activities of our teachers, cultural and social activities. For the evaluating activities process that will be done after the mobility,the level of realizing planned targets and activities,the new and good application samples that can be used in our country,the failing and prospering parts of mobility process,the contribution of preparation process activities to the mobility process, and the other themes are evaluated.During the evaluation process, all the objectives of the Project will be determined and reported.Dissemination activities will be realised via conferences and seminars at local level,and at national and international level,the prepared e-brochure will be mailed. The methodology that will be used during the Project;interest,questionnaire,question-answer,evaluation,monitoring,reporting,sharing information,searching and relating,digital andspatial data analysis,modeling,digital imaging,cartography,diagram and verification. Besides the attendants’ personal acquisitions, our project is expected to gain institutional acquisitions and serious acquisitions in the field of CBS.Our Project will create awareness by contributing the lack of qualified personnel need in this field,and increasing the employability of our students.The acquisitions of vocational training and innovative applications will improve our education quality.In the long term,the largest contribution of this project will be improving local softwares in the field of CBS and creating awareness with the research and development studies in this field.Besides that, the contributions of vocational training will be significant acquisitions.
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