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Happy Business
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Taking into account all the challenges that EU faces in teaching, technology, economy or health care, the society needs a greater percentage of social entrepreneurs and change makers. Taking into consideration that the progress against these challenges will be intolerably slow if only 3% to 5% of EU’s population consider they can solve them, we are of the opinion that this fact creates an urgent need to teach people about social entrepreneurship in order to help them to make lasting and important changes in their communities and across the EU.As one could realize during his engagement with European programs, only recently, it has been given a great emphasis by EU, on the education and training concerning social entrepreneurship. This fact could specifically be observed through Erasmus+ program and it could possibly be reflected by the idea that Europe needs more capable and eager social entrepreneurs. For those reasons, the EU has continuously been searching for the appropriate ways to inspire the potential entrepreneurs, in order to encourage them to set up their new social enterprises.At the present time, the education of people on the applicability of entrepreneurial fields is highly necessary especially for the creation of new venture with a social orientation. The development of new small businesses which, most of the times, are accompanied by a social spirit, does not only empower the economic situation through the creation of new jobs, but it also provides solutions that enhance positive social change.Social entrepreneurship represents an innovative and effective mechanism for addressing many problems around the world, despite this fact it has only recently started to gain momentum. By increasing the scope of social entrepreneurship in a natural way, and primarily through the education of social entrepreneurship, we aim to familiarize youth workers with the new trend called ‘social entrepreneurship’, in order to be capable to assimilate the appropriate skills and tools which could potentially lead to the concrete education of the young people, on the fields associated with a construction of sustainable social enterprise."Happy Business" project primarily aims at the education of the next generation of entrepreneurs, who are concerned with the sociological ramifications of entrepreneurship. This target will be successfully accomplished through the production of capable influential multipliers, such as civil society organizations and youth workers, who will eventually be fully-educated to educate, and therefore to exploit, the material derived from "Happy Business" project. More analytically, by the integration of a range of well-designed non-formal methods, ICT tools and educational material in the normal activities of the above-mentioned organizations, the potential social entrepreneurs will be trained to maximize their skills, thus identifying those challenges of our times which might enable them to develop solutions and models for sustainable social organizations.Whilst OFCI members and partners have recognized the need and therefore the importance of social entrepreneurship in EU, they have altogether taken the initiative to develop a special training in France concerning Happy Business . Accordingly, the abbreviation ‘Happy Business’ refers to the ensemble of youth workers deriving from all the organizations which will be involved in the project and who will consequently accelerate the further development of social entrepreneurship culture across the EU. The scope of ‘Happy Business’ training is to provide youth workers with an insight on social entrepreneurship, which could possibly operate as the main catalyst in inspiring young people to apply social entrepreneurship.The main objectives of the project are set below:- To acquaint with the principles of ‘social entrepreneurship’.- To acquire the appropriate skills which would enable the youth workers in order to support young people to build social enterprises that address the challenges of our time.-To promote, within specific well-designed practices, the development of innovative ideas concerning sociological fields. -To share national resources and inform about European ones (social entrepreneurship education and learning, access to different types of funding, partnerships, networks etc.) useful for social enterprise creation and sustainability; -To share practical non-formal educational methods that motivate, and therefore engage young people with activities related to social entrepreneurship -To create strong partnerships, capable to develop future projects concerning social entrepreneurship.The “Happy Business” training that will be hosted in Roubaix, France by OFCI from 02/04/2017 until 09/04/2017 in cooperation with partner organizations from Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Romania that will be represented by 3 participants each and 4 participants for Cyprus.
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