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Happiness 2.0
Start date: Aug 31, 2016, End date: Feb 27, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Happiness 2.0”, is an international youth exchange which will take place in the region of North-Groningen in the Netherlands. The project will be organized by all members and volunteers of the Go Foundation. The mission of Foundation Go is to stimulate youngsters from the Northern part of the Netherlands to grow and increase open-mindedness towards Europe through EVS and exchanges. The main purpose of project ''Happiness 2.0'' is:By building on the experiences from the exchange "Happiness", organised in October 2015, we will be giving young people opportunities to become aware of the inter-cultural differences towards the theme ''Happiness'' between the European countries. The goal is to investigate what happiness means for all participants and to learn from each other how to make yourself happy. This with incorporation of the differences originating from cultural backgrounds and creating awareness and acceptance towards these differences. This all to create more cultural awareness and motivating the youngsters to become an active participant in society that eventually should lead to a more integrated society across borders in Europe. To achieve this project purpose 5 central topics concerning ''Happiness'' will be addressed:1. Creativity 2. Relationships 3. Health 4. Education 5. Ambition, belief, hope and freedom. Other topics such as materialisme will also be addressed in the activities. All these topics can be traced back in the activities that will be organized for the youth exchange. The following activities are for example incorporated in our program:1. Ice breakers: stimulates getting to know each other which is in turn related to the topic 'relationships' but they will also form a bridge to ambition, belief, hope and freedom2. Discussions: will be held concerning all five topics3. Political project: stimulates eduaction, ambition, belief, hope and freedom, materialism and relationships (working together)4. Hiking trip (wadlopen): A reasonably intense hiking trip where participants are challenged and have to work together, this will relate to the topics health, relationships, creativity and ambition and belief.5. Sport activities: working together while having an element of 'winning', because success can also lead to happiness. This relates to ambition and belief, health, relationships, creativity.6. Visits to youth centers in the local community: relationship stimulation and dissemination 7. Cooking workshop: stimulates creativity, health and intercultural awareness8. Trading game: stimulation of creativity and materialism9. Step the line: will stimulate health, relationships ambition, belief, hope and freedom10. Art work creation: stimulates creativity, ambition, belief, hope and freedom.The international youth exchange in Noord-Groningen will invite 30 youngsters from five European countries. The participating countries are: Netherlands, Italy, France, Croatia and Romania. The partners are asked to include youngsters with fewer opportunities, from each country, into the exchange.
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