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Hannover - Tamási 4:4
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main and prior goal of “Vocational for Tamási” Foundation is to help the inhabitants of the town and its surroundings’ education to create its objectives and mental conditions, to support the people working in vocation, to help them in their self-studies and further trainings. Until this competition, “Vályi Péter” Vocational School (then its cessionary which is “Tolna Megyei Szent László” Vocational School and Dorm) applied successfully for mobility competitions. Since 2005, this school has been fulfilling Leonardo da Vinci competitions successfully in every single year. The Foundation cooperates with the “Szent László” Vocational School and Dorm, Vályi Péter Vocational School as one of the member, is going to continue this high-levelled work in order to its students will be able to do practical trainings in the 2015 and 2016 school year in Hannover. In this year, the Foundation is going to take one more element on: not only to gain experiences for its students but its colleagues as well at the partner vocational school of Hannover. The minor goal of the project is to keep up the existent international relationship and to commit with the international project for a long time term. The project promotes the improvements of the fields within the trade by that the students and the school teachers get to know new knowledge and methods, which ones are different from the Hungarian ones, within a new environment The researches of the positions and requirements of the European Agricultural and Industrial Sector ensure the high-levelled theoretical education as well as the lifelike professional practice to give a chance them to get to know the profession and the trade better. These things help the students – even the underprivileged ones – to prepare them the European expectancy of labour market in order to cope with the new challenges within the EU. The project has a very important task like strengthen skills like responsibility, task management, precision, self-determination and cooperation. The further goals of the project are to get to know different educational systems, to adopt new methods and exchange information and experiences in connection with common topic and practice. It is also very important to improve our colleagues’ skills and professional competences during the project within an international environment, which help them to get to know those methods and devices that make their work more interesting and improve their work performances then they can share their new knowledge to the others. The participants are the students, teachers and colleagues of the “Vályi Péter” Vocational School. In the professional training, 10 students – mainly students in the supported dearth profession aged 15-21 – and 1 attendant teacher are going to take part in this 29-day-long mobility between the 18 October 2015 and 15 November 2015 period. In the mobility of colleagues, 8 people are going to take part in between 8 November 2015 and 15 November 2015 during the 7-day-long mobility. These school colleagues have been working more than 10 years in our school, they speak German and/or English languages and they are open to every kind of innovation. The vital element of the project is the students’ deep and proper preparation such as professional target foreign language, communication within certain topics. There is an effective project team that prepares the students for the project year by year and has experiences in the preparation process of the international projects. This 4-week-professional training has a very important role in the participant students’ school performances which are going to be accepted by the teachers’ team. They get mark abroad which influences their half-term grades and scholarships. We are going to promote the efficiency of the project widely. We would like to propagate this project with our other member schools in a regional level. According to our expectations, the documents such as students and colleagues’ project reports, photos and videos, are going to use as a useful materials during the trainings. The participant students and colleagues’ individual skills and competences are going to improve, their motivation is going to be better and the popularity of the school is going to be better by this project. With this project, we would like to stimulate the other students and colleague to further attendance as well as the introduction of the reformation of the teachers’ team. Furthermore, it is very vital to spread the popularity and the recognition of the project. Because of the effective communication, the surroundings of the institute could be more informed about the usefulness of the project. In this way, the participation and the morals of the project can be stronger among the population and the institutes.
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