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Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

This two-year project, called Id fid (Hand in Hand), is the platform for a six-month-long Activity. The main aims of this project are three-fold.First of all, the project seeks to contribute to the empowerment of the poor and marginalised. Secondly, volunteers will develop a deeper sense of understanding of the various factors which contribute to poverty and suffering worldwide. Lastly, the project also has a cultural dimensioi─╝,.that of fostering deeper sensitivity and appreciation of the different realities of the world and for volunteers to value and and share their own European reality.Volunteers will go to Ethiopia and provide informal educational support in Kidane Meheret Children's Home which places emphasis on 'capacity-building' and the development personal skills of the youths. This is a group EVS where we envisage the involvement of two volunteers in the Activity. The Project will include training and formation of the volunteers before the commencement of the Activity, as well as further training, evaluation and support throughout the Activity. Volunteers will be expected to follow-up their Activity by spreading awareness of their experience in various ways, and to explore how best to put their experience to good use.
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