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HALMA mobility grants programme for writers
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

Established in 2006 HALMA has been offering mobility grants to writers primarily from Western Europe. With the European Union's involvement, HALMA will now offer an equal opportunity to writers from all over Europe by organizing a broader writers’ exchange programme. The project allows for 24 literary centres from all over Europe to exchange writers within one coordinated programme. The results will deliver an intensified knowledge and awareness of European literature with 23 writers receiving a HALMA grant to visit two different European countries for one month. As part of the scheme, each writer will deliver a reading in both countries. Thus HALMA will organise at least 46 readings of translated texts in 19 different European countries. To increase the visibility of the programme, the writers involved will be invited to annual readings, festivals, and book-fairs. In addition each writer involved will be invited to contribute a text (essay, short story or poem) to the European Library, where the texts will be published in the original language and also translated into German and English. The programme aims to organize the exchange of writers equally over Europe. With HALMA already connecting 26 literary institutions in 21 different countries, this project will further develop the framework for cooperation, exchange, and the forum for transnational encounter that has been operating since 2006.

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