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Hallan Sauna, Hallan Sauna Services and Marketing Development (Investments)
Start date: Sep 30, 2002, End date: Nov 29, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project consisted of two simultaneous projects, of which one included investments and the other development. A service facility, a sauna world with diff erent types of saunas, dressing and washing facilities as well as small refreshment pools were planned to be built in Ukkohalla. In addition, the goal was to develop the services and marketing of the sauna facilities with the intention of increasing the fl ow of visitors outside of the ski season and making Ukkohalla a year-round travel resort. Th is was to be achieved by improving the diversity and availability of services in the area, by creating new trans-border service products with Russian service providers and by acquiring new customers. In particular, growth through strong increases in Russian visitor volumes was sought. Th e goal was to simultaneously support the development of the Ukkohalla-Paljakka region in accordance with the strategy by securing the jobs specifi ed in the strategy at Hyrynsalmi and Puolanka. Th e goal was to employ 15 people permanently in addition to the jobs created for the duration of the project. Achievements: The construction of Hallan Saaga wellness & Sauna World has increased the number of Russians staying at Ukkohalla from approximately 300 in 2004 to approximately 4,000 overnight guests in 2007. During 2007, there were a total of approximately 100,000 overnight guests in Ukkohalla. In accordance with its goal, the project created approximately 15 jobs (in terms of man-years) in service provider companies in Ukkohalla. Holiday home construction has employed approximately 10 people annually (in terms of man-years). Thirty (30) plots were sold during the project, of which 12 were sold to Russians. From the beginning of the project to summer 2008, Hyrynsalmi Municipality sold a total of approximately 60 plots and a reservation had been agreed with regional developers regarding 30 plots. A total of 25 of these were holiday plots sold to Russians. Other parties have also sold plots in the region. Year-round service production has been started. An info caf and the Sauna World, with its associated services, were already serving customers during summer 2006. The development of year-round services has continued after these two projects. For example, following the projects the first Cable WakeBoard centre in Finland, and the northernmost one in the world, opened in Ukkohalla and a golf course Master Plan and business plan has been drawn up for the construction of a slope golf course. The golf course is estimated to be completed between 2011 and 2013. In addition, several new companies were established during and after the project: for example, Hallan Sauna Oy, Hallan Aurinkosaaga Oy, Saaga Safarit, Hallan Huippulomat and two Russian travel service companies. Service products have been developed at Ukkohalla and companies have developed their own programme service products. New events have been created in the region, such as Snow Soccer and Swamp Rock, which attracted approximately 8,000 visitors in 2007.

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  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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