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Half-life, Status Quo or Doubling Time?
Start date: Sep 15, 2011,

This evaluation meeting was held in Malta between 23 youth leaders/workers coming from 11 voluntary youth setups from 11 programme countries. The participants have been working together in the youth field for the past years and collaborated in various activities including several training courses, youth exchanges, and seminars. The participants are from Malta, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Holland and Slovakia.The aim of this evaluation meeting was to analyse the impact of the different youth activities organised in the past over the development of young people in light of the European Union Youth Policy.The organisations were asked to conduct an evaluation exercise in their organisation, thus we received feedback from young people who benefitted from the activities in the past. These evaluations were discussed and produced a general feedback about the network. Finally we came up with a plan of action for future collaboration in the youth field.The number of participants dropped from 30 to 23 because some of the organisations sent less participants than agreed at application stage.The programme has changed as follows:The evaluation presentation in the first part was changed from a series of presentations done by the different organisations to an evaluation report of the information gathered from the partners beforehand. This was done in order to ensure a more effective and comprehensive method of evaluation which tackles the main concerns and issues brought up by each organisation. The compilation of the evaluation report was done beforehand after the organisations submitted their evaluations.This is giving the partners more time to relate the evaluation points to the recent development of the European Union Youth Policy. We will have more time to develop a policy which is in line with the EU Youth Policy for our partnership and to point out specific actions that we will be taking during the next three years to implement the set policy.
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