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HAK OP-Fortbildung in Europa
Start date: 02 Jul 2016, End date: 01 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is a business-school in the eastern part of Austria and we offer a well-founded business education, as well as the teaching of language-knowledge that is of interest for the future working life of our students. European school-partnerships and activities of education-enhancement have been part of our work for more than 20 years now and form a variable in our teaching that we wouldn't want to miss in our future. The presented project is to be used as medium to give the European dimension, which represents an integral part in our mentality of both teaching and learning, more weight at school. The courses have been selected in response to our strategic guidelines and shall provide the participants with the opportunity to deepen their language and professional competences, with the goal that they can return newly motivated to their students, knowing that they have improved their skills. The stay in an English speaking country in order to complete successfully the chosen course offers the teachers the possibility to emend their competences of fluency and correctness of the language as well as to improve fundamental subjects such as didactics, business and CLIL/ICT. The international attendees in the advanced training courses give our teachers the chance to make international connections and help to let not only professional synergies develop, but also personal ones.Following courses are scheduled for seven dedicated colleagues:-) Michaela Hellmann and Ingrid Peterszel are office-management teachers and want to apply for a two week's business course, in order to acquire knowledge that they can pass over to their students: Business communication, Presentation techniques, Preparation of job interviews. The addition of these topics with the component of English will allow them to give more versatile instruction and enable them to use the language during their preparation of class (i.e. documentation of teaching contents) and in class itself.-) Sigrid Murschenhofer and Max Steinbachner are language teachers in Spanish and want to attend an advanced training course for Spanish teachers in Cadiz/Spain. This course will provide them with didactic ideas and matters and the possibility of improving their language skills, using Spanish as a working language. They will also be able to make contact and exchange experiences with colleagues of the same subject.-) Paula Herrera is a native Spanish teacher and is interested in a creative didactic course in England. She has been teaching teenagers only shortly and therefore sees this course as very valuable for her future teaching skills. The fact that she will be attending this course in England will add to improving her English language knowledge, which is not to be missed in our business school.-) Herta Pichler und Stefan Pichler are focusing on attending a further teacher's training in CLIL and ICT. Those contents will also be taught in English, which will have the double advantage of broadening IT know-how and deepening their English competences.The goals expected from those advanced training courses are the improvement of the language and subject related competences of those teachers and the rise of their motivation of teaching, with which they will return after having successfully completed their courses. Said rise of motivation will then be passed over to their students so that they can enthuse themselves more over the subjects. Also, the important values of lifelong learning and of consciously living in the European Union shall be transferred to the students by their teachers. The intercultural exchange across borders can teach us precious experience that can actively be incorporated in each of our subjects in order to exemplify a European identity to the students through ourselves.
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