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Haga Train the Trainers project
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Nordic ministers responsible for civil emergency preparedness and emergency services concluded in Stockholm in 2009 on Nordic Cooperation on Civil Contingencies. Ministers looked to common values and a cultural and geographical proximity is an important basis for cooperation. In connection with the adoption of the Haga Declaration (HD) and signed by all ministers for Civil Contingencies. A vision in HD is to promote the increased Nordic participation in the respective countries training and exercises. This is in line with the Europe 2020 goal of making education systems more effective. To help achieve the objectives Haga Train the Trainers project (HTT) have developed partnerships in vocational training for Civil Contingencies. HTT has attached great importance to gain insight and learn from each other's educational systems. The main purpose of HTT project was to increase teachers' skills in teaching in various areas within the Civil Contingencies. It has developed a visitor and exchange system between schools in the project. By taking note of how others work, the project has created conditions for spreading ideas and development as well as for participating teachers to broaden their knowledge of the subject. It has increased the possibility of switching service and relocation of labor. The project has helped to increase and broaden the teachers' competence in education, distance learning, e-learning, simulation, experience feedback, examination and evaluation. The partnership has identified the specialist skills available at each training site in order to conduct training in a place with participants from all countries. It has built up a network between school managers. It has also become a natural interface and provided a better understanding of each school's strengths and areas of expertise. The project has consisted of representatives from the relevant authorities in each country; MSB, Sweden, DEMA, Denmark, DSB Norway, CMC Finland, MVS Island. Experience and competence level is high in the group, each partner has, however, different skills and abilities in the field. It has been conducted three seminars in three of the participating countries. The partners who are leaders in the field shared their experiences and knowledge with other partners. Each seminar content has an academic lecture, further, each country presented their views and practices on the theme of the seminar, group work and practical visits to the implementation of education. In the seminars, teachers, instructors and school managers from all countries actively participated. The topics of the seminars have been education, distance learning, e-learning, simulation, experience feedback, examination and evaluation. There have been three exchanges. Teachers from one country have visited another country and participated in their activities and they have gained knowledge of how other countries are planning, implementing and evaluating education. After each seminar and exchange has reported the participation of their own organization on local workshops to further disseminate experiences and to inspire others to do similar exchanges. After the project work it has become natural to have alternating service and eventually to work even more with the coordination of training programs. The fact that both school administrators and teachers are familiar with the other countries' approach facilitates the exchange not only of trainers, but also by professional firefighters between the different countries. Experience, skills transfer and networking between countries has strengthened the ability of teachers to train that will also benefit the students. This in turn gives better prepared rescue services that benefit society in an accident or crisis now and in the future. The partnership and the networks created during the project will live on. It's HD training group that has the task to operate and maintain the networks. The activities that the project has been designed, seminars and switching service, to be repeated in HD group. The procedures that have been developed by the project can be seen as a result and will be the basis for continued operations. We have in the project seen great benefits to every country has the responsibility to independently organize activities that the other countries have participated in. The project has been planned themes for the activities at the regular meetings and delegated responsibilities to each country to implement the activities. We have seen it as an advantage that a country has been the leader of the group and has been responsible for the administrative aspects of the project plan, finance and quality assurance throughout the project. Project organization and procedures for how to build networks between the countries' organizations working in the same area could be used in other projects and larger scale.
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