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Habilitate youth in Europe
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Europe's future depends on its youth. Nevertheless, there are many missed opportunities." This is a conclusion of the Commission's Communication on "Renewed Social Agenda", which aims to create more opportunities for EU citizens, improve access to opportunities for all and solidarity. In line with this, the key points of the project are justified by the current debate on Europe's agenda on the EU Strategy for Youth divided into two general objectives: to provide more equal opportunities and young people in education and the labor market, to encourage young people to be active citizens and participate in the society. To achieve these goals the EU proposes initiatives in eight areas: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and welfare; participation; voluntary activities, social inclusion, youth and the world, creativity and culture. We are facing a social situation in which it is urgent to find more efficient responses and meet the growing needs of young people and their responsibility / role in policy within the European Union. Youth employment and entrepreneurship that directly affect them and the support (financial or otherwise) to youth associations are therefore key issues in the Adamastor and EU partners to promote thought, either internally or in structures where decisions occur. The volunteers will contribute to the qualitative ideas for youth participation in non-formal education activities in the context of the European Union in order to promote and improve eight key competences defined in the European framework of key competences for lifelong learning lifelong and recognisition of non formal education in youth curricula. More specifically, the project involves the participation of 2 volunteers from different backgrounds and from different Programme Countries (such as Sweden, Turkey and Belgic)in order to promote diversity of Europe in a local context. The volunteering period will run for six months each / a being that start simultaneously (when possible) and divided in two flows each sending. These volunteers will develop the different daily tasks and functions within, Adamastor, Viseu. These tasks are roughly related to the management of projects European projects and socio-cultural activities, motivation, support and training of young people, cultic integration of immigrant communities youth related, promotion of international mobility programs and boosting learning activities, we would liket to empower local volunteering and therefore being Adamastor active in a local context we will promote the participation of the volunteers in several strcutured initiaves in partnership with local entities with relevance for the personal development of volunteers according to their personal development plans. The design of this project is directly related to the main activities of ADAMASTOR and partners collaborating in this project. The Adamastor main mission is the promotion of non-formal education activities throughout the European Union and between the neighboring countries. Considering the opportunities that these activities are revealed for juvenile community in tackle youth unemployment, promoting European citizenship, boost youth participation, awareness of cultural diversity, combating poverty and marginalization and encouraging entrepreneurship and criativade decided that this was an opportunity to discuss youth participation in non-formal activities and stimulate cooperation among multicultural youth communities. When we refer to non-formal / informal education activities, report the projects and programs that enable young people's active involvement in local and international actions that promote their personal and social development, both as an active citizen, but mainly to provide young community skills for the future. These skills and abilities acquired during international experiences are synchronized with the overall objectives of Erasmus +, such as "to promote active citizenship in general and their citizenship in particular." We intend this to be a project designed for different regions (local live act global) in order to "develop solidarity and promote tolerance among / the young, with special emphasis on promoting social cohesion in the EU" as one of the general objectives of former YIA program. This is a strong partnership that joins to "foster mutual understanding between young people from different countries," allowing participation "in loco" in education non-formal / informal, exchange of good practices of European Voluntary Service activities.

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