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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The activity presented is a bilateral exchange, which are partners Spain (host country), specifically in the town of Miguelturra, Ciudad Real, and Turkey (visiting country), specifically the town of Akçakoca. This project involved 20 young people from each country, all of them with15 and 16 years old, accompanied by 2 group leaders of each country. All participants in the host country belong to IES Campo de Calatrava, Miguelturra. They are all teenagers. These ages imply in itself a loss of identity, values and motivation, which are enhanced by the society in which we live. In addition, many of the young people who will be part of the exchange, they have had to live difficult situations in their families due to the economic crisis that we are living. That is why, we have seen the need of motivating young people through a different way to the usual alternatives. The fact of giving them the opportunity to participate in an event likethis, given them enough energy to develop numerous activities have always wanted to do and have never had the opportunity to develop. It aims to promote the personal development of the youth through group activities and coexistence, so that, in addition to the planned activities, have to perform actions such as making the bed, collect public areas, organize your belongings in order not to disturb others, etc. and much stronger links will be created between them, fellowship will favor the use of English, as it constantly, both groups will need to communicate with others and will strive to be understood. Will be held also various creative workshops where they can demonstrate their skills and develop their creativity. They also see the need to communicate with others, to make active listening of persons offering the workshop and to accept criticism from others. An important part are the gynkhanas, which need a large organization and teamwork, so that the activity goes well and be successful. It will also feature great games throughout the town, where they see the need to interact with the villagers or the area you are visiting at the time, since many of the tests to be performed will require information from the locals. During the preparation phase, they have been divided into 7 groups members (one per day of the project), which will design, plan, manage and execute all belonging to the day of execution. This will give autonomy and responsibility and the ability to carry out their ideas, what motivates them greatly. Once completed and evaluated the project, we will present the results to the media through an interview and young people will be involved through a circular sent from the association. Also will post a summary of results in Facebook that they themselves will create, sharing the experience with other young people in different forums, and the photos taken during project implementation will be published in the Erasmus + facebook page. The national impact would come from carriyng out the activities at different points of the Spanish geography, economics activating this promptly and interaction between citizens, culturally enriching both parties. Is expected to increase the impact of exchanges using the shirts taht themselves will print with Erasmus + logo, the name of the exchange program and what young people want to add creatively. We will use these shirts always that an activity may have target audience. It aims to achieve international impact through the portals and social networks, where results and digital evidence of project implementation will be shared. The long-term benefits are clear. Youth will have the opportunity to meet non-formal education, which will help motivate at the formal one. It is also intended that young people become future leaders of alternative youth groups, thus increasing the chances of Erasmus + program.

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