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Gyvi amatai-gyva tauta
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Competition in Lithuanian labor market is enormous. It is especially hard for young people to find a job if they do not have any experience in that area. It is difficult for young people to escape the vicious circle what ends emigration to the other European countries. For this reason, Kaunas Applied Arts school gives particular attention to students' volunteering programmes and graduates practice. Both them give an opportunity to gain work experience. In Lithuania, however, just few companies are willing to adopt the students practice, perhaps because of the profession particularity- craft is not so popular anymore and only can be found in small family businesses that are relatively closed. Meanwhile, overseas crafts are highly valued, companies willingly accept interns who not only learn something new, unique, but also share their experiences with foreign partners. It was observed that the students after practice abroad become more confident, more open to innovation and bold, they learn to better represent themselves and are not afraid to take small business themselves.Project's main objective is to provide the most talented but with fewer opportunities students with internship places abroad and give them the opportunity to improve their professional skills and promote crafts.Another aim of the project is search for new technologies, making interior dolls and interior decorations. As a result of new profession, fine textiles production, there is a need to train teachers.The first target group: jewelry (10students) and furniture makers (5students) graduates will practice in Madrid (Spain), and 6 textile workers will practice in Lisbon (Portugal), which develop their professional competencies, will establish useful contacts that will be useful in the future own small business creation and development, selling their produce works of art. The students not only improve communication skills, but also improve their language skills. They will communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Students will work in selected companies and also they will have the opportunity to attend some workshops in vocational schools.The second target group: 3 fine textile products manufacturer teachers. The emergence of a newly restored profession, created the need for teachers to train in the field of textiles, applying diverse techniques of manufacture of interior dolls. Teachers were offered School in Madrid, where they will shadow the work and learn new technologies, as well as an enterprise where they shadow their job.For management of the project in the applicant organization the project management team will be formed and approved, which will be responsible for: project management and implementation, contact the Foundation for Lithuanian and foreign partners, support, travel planning, contracts or memoranda of understanding with partners in drawing up the draft financial accounting and financial reporting, selecting participants for the implementation of learning agreements with the participants in the project dissemination of the results, cultural and language training, risk prevention.Expected result:Students target group: deepen the knowledge of jewelry, furniture makers, textile areas, the practical application of the knowledge acquired while working in Spain and Portugal firms. This will be beneficial to their qualifications, to raise the self-esteem and increase their competitiveness in the labor market. As well as classes in vocational schools will broaden horizons, help building up relationships and to encourage the development of small businesses.Teachers target group will raise the qualifications when working with different textile techniques, learn how to apply the techniques of producing a wider range of interior dolls, launch an acquaintance and will continue to share the achievements and innovations.The long-term impact would be acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills of jewelry, furniture makers and textile fields. It will be applied to the planning and organization of Kaunas Applied Arts school crafts department business: new technologies will be tailored in curriculum development. It is expected to build up a close relationship with the professional school MODATEX and perhaps in the future to implement the application of ECVET. Students video clips will be be used in vocational guidance, and the attraction of new students in the craft section. Teachers will organize a seminar- interior dolls production, an exhibition will be organized, which is expected to be showed at LITEXPO. Article for school's website and press about the Spanish and Portuguese traditions in the field of handicrafts will be prepared. The seminar material and videos with the requisites of the project will be placed on YouTube.
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