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Gynaecological endoscopy for the assessment of infertility: joint capacity building to foster future cooperation in research and development (GynEndo)
Start date: Jun 14, 2010, End date: Aug 13, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project covers the area of gynecological endoscopy and aims at addressing the problem of assessing infertility with success. In the course of the project, professional equipments are purchased by both partners which raises their capacities for implementing gynecological endoscopic interventions by roughly 20 per cent. This way more operations are carried out and a larger sample becomes available for research. Also, with better equipment, better results can be reached in the assessment of infertility. By implementing a cross-border project, size of sample for joint research is doubled as partners share their databases to come to better justified research results. Scientific knowledge-sharing is realized in the form of 2-2 workshops on both sides of the border. The workshops are organized at the locations of the project partners. They involve a scientific discussion part with presentations and debates and a practical part carried out in the surgery departments and by using the newly acquired equipment as well. The knowledge transfer is two-way and aims at realizing a joint knowledge base in the special medical scientific field. The major scientific output of the project is three articles summarizing the experience gained in the cooperation. They are drafted jointly and published in refereed journals. At least one of the articles is published in an international journal in English. These articles summarize the experience of the project partners gained throughoutthe project and are expected to contribute to the borderless scientific problem of handling infertility. Also, they contribute to the scientific expertise of the project team members. The project establishes and develops cooperation between two actors from the two sides of the border. Their cooperation is expected to open up further possibilities for them to participate at joint research projects, possibly at a larger scale (e.g. Framework Porgramme 7 of the EU). Achievements: The first hands-on workshop utilising the newly purchased LapSim (laparoscopic simulator) equipment was held on 10-12/02/2011 in Szeged with success. Between February and May, all the workshops were held on both sides of the border. All these events were realised with great success, invited professionals were highly motivated to participate and willing to improve their skills. In parallel, the professional team members continued to work on drafting their joint scientific outputs. Scientific articles with the project results were published in the international journals.
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