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Gyakorlat és tapasztalatcsere.
Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Assisting the Training School pupils Putnok Foundation joins with Putnok Abaújszántó and Tokay schools by the application. The project participant, in addition to the four home from Germany were involved four receiving partner. For years of work experience in Germany organized by Leonardo projects . Serious professional and personal relationships we have built up in those years , which makes it possible to transact the internships without the help of intermediaries . The host partners excellent technicians . They led and owned companies are represented in the forefront among the German standards . Main objective of the project is to increase labor - market value of the pre- professional exams students . Catchment areas of the sending schools, most areas of the country considered . Unemployment is 20-25 % but there are some areas where more than 50%. Students 30 to 50 % of the Roma , depending on the individual classes . In our region, there is an increasing need to be able to self-employment professionals who have a European outlook on the profession as well. The German professional practice in a major step forward for our students . The project is planned to be implemented over two years, and 4x8 departure of smaller groups of 32 students plan to implement. As more institutions sender happens to departure , we're very sensitive to the selection . For the past few years, we have developed a good practice. The target group of beneficiaries of the teachers who conducted a survey of the theoretical and practical education and language teacher involvement . The target groups announce the opportunity. Then set jointly by the German language teachers and professional teachers in which students suitable for foreign internships . Then the host companies offer partners by matching the candidate 's ideas and abilities of students . As host of the partners engaged in a very wide range of professional activities we can do . We select students to be individual farms . Assess the students ' language abilities and professional , and adjusts the home preparation in schools. Possibly formed up and prepared , including any interruptions make up each group reserves. The German language preparation has become central in the new method. Apart from this we also try our best to prepare our students according to the conventional method. Will continue with further steps in the implementation of ECVET , under which the Work Programme has been prepared in accordance learning units . / It can be found in the annexes . / In recent years, the receiving partner Europass addition, all participants are certified in writing the details of twelve kinds of grounds. This method will continue to remain , because it is the settled practice of the school off base. The project closing ceremony appreciate the work done, and hand out the Europass Mobility passes, and the practice of recognizing other documents. At this conference has been the recognition of the ECVET documents will also be shared. The final conference all participants invited by the German partners, parents , visitors , younger students. In addition to the participants in the schools of the city and county representatives , Tempus staff of the local press and television. This is followed by accounting , assessment, professional preparation of financial reports, multi-channel publication of the results . We emphasize that the project was completed with the support of the European Union's Erasmus program + . The results assume the participating schools website. Naturally, published by the ECVET technical skills certifications is to facilitate the work of the other schools in this direction. Short-term effects of the project may be through the participants that the results they achieved in his professional knowledge and language skills , personal and professional relationships. The long-term impact on schools exert their effect through the region Internationally, companies and schools . Since there are so many participant in the two countries , the program is already well-established international network of European added value of the EU terms.

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