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Guidenet - European Guidance Network for the evaluation and dissemination of innovatory and good practise in vocational guidance.

Guidenet will establish a network of expertise in the field of Vocational Guidance. The network will operate through four separate tiers: Contractor, Core Partner, Permanent Relay Point and Occasional Correspondent and will bring together the expertise of all contributory partners. The network will act as a core information point and centre of expertise drawing upon the position of individual partners within their respective national guidance networks.The guidance profession across Europe is undergoing many changes, from the introduction of the Connexions Service in the UK to the establishment of Regional Centres of Guidance and Career Counselling in Greece. Further demand is demonstrated in the candidate countries whereby old systems of vocational guidance are either being replaced or revised, bringing them in-line with newer guidance ideas and developments.A common website will be provided by the project, whereby guidance counsellors, trainers, policy makers, researchers and other European guidance professionals will be given the opportunity to come together in one virtual venue (internet-based) to discuss and review national and transnational guidance themes, trends and developments. A data bank of specialist guidance reports and discussion papers will further be made accessible thus providing a central guidance library for guidance professionals across Europe.Guidenet will draw upon both the expertise of the partnership and that of the, now established, Euroguidance network of National Resource Centres for Vocational Guidance [NRCVG] comprising more than 50 centres across the EU/EEA and associated countries. This will allow Guidenet to further expand beyond the immediate partnership and thus provide for sustainability beyond the project lifetime.

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