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Güvenli Ağlar Güvenli Bilişim
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main problem of our country with an important potential in terms of labor is non-occupation and lack of qualified personnel not unemployment. Therefore, the vocational training has important responsibilities to produce a solution for the lack of qualified personnel. But vocational training has serious problems to raise qualified personnel. These problems are the inadequacy of physical infrastructure of vocational training institutions, the differences between the qualifications demanded by the sector and current curriculums, not giving enough importance to English training and the deficiency of school-sector cooperation. Nowadays it becomes very easy and cheap to access the internet and this means that each computer is connected to a computer network. The networks providing the connection among computers are used to transfer data in schools, workplaces, banks, public institutions and more other fields; accordingly the measures taken against the failures and attacks that may arise in these systems have increased. Because the cyberattacks on computer systems and networks cause a significant loss of money, time, prestige and valuable information. Our country has serious security vulnerabilities in the computer networks compared to European countries and this case has made us one of the first few countries in the world where the harmful applications infect to the computer systems. For that reason, in our country the qualified technical staffs with knowledge and skills are needed to provide the security of the computer networks in the IT field. The members of the consortium formed are International Education Culture Solidar Assitance and Solidarity Association- the consortium coordinator, Sincan Vocaional and Technical Anatolian High School, İskitler Vocaional and Technical Anatolian High School and Üsküdar Vocaional and Technical Anatolian High School. The consortium member schools are the vocational training institutions that have the similar difficulties in raising qualified technical staff because of the problems aforementioned. Our project is intended for the students in the 11th and 12th grades from the ICT field in these schools. Our project aims to contribute meeting the qualified staff need of the IT sector by providing a traineeship on "Network Security" to the participants in the enterprises with modern and latest technological infrastructure facilities in Europe, their specialization and employment opportunities for them. The other objectives of our project are to improve the general and vocational foreign language skills, provide their integration into the working life, ensure them learning the innovative and modern practices in Network Security and adapting the work discipline of Europe. The expected impacts of the project on the participants, project partners and other stakeholders are the development of social cohesion skills, entrepreneurship, openness to the innovations and team spirit of the participants, raising the European awareness of the participants, the increase of the administrative and corporate capacity of our association, the transfer of the innovative practices to our educational institutions and the sector, the establishment of sustainable partnerships and the development of corporate and educational capacities of the project partner schools. The expected long term benefits of the project are to contribute meeting the sector's qualified technical staff need that can take Network Security precautions, create a ground for the transnational cooperation and new partnerships, to contribute the improvement of quality and modernization in the educational environments and strengthening the cooperation between the schools and sector. Our project will be executed by the project management team and this team will organize all the activities of the project and ensure the actualization of them. Introduction, Expression and Presentation methods will be used during the preparatory activities. During the mobility activities, the methods of Lecture Demonstration and Exercise and Presentation will be used to perform the training activities. During the dissemination activities all target groups will be informed our project with Introduction, Lecture and Presentation methods. A total of 33 students as 11 students from each school will benefit from the project. The flows of the project will be in “Datason” in Sweden, in Inforcavado Lda” in Portugal and in “Sc Green It SRL” in Romania respectively between 6 March-20 March 2016. Each flow will be attended by 11 participants and one accompanying teacher.
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