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Günümüzden Geleceğe Sihirli Kareler-Magic Frames from today to Future
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

*Project Theme: Every region has a historical background and a cultural heritage. Historical places,natural beauties,delicious foods and traditional life styles were given to us as heritage. Unfortunately many people are not aware of these beauties and values, whereas each of these beauties and values have their own stories. We need to transfer the stories f these values to the next generations. So we can manage for next generation to get these values. Infact, many of our treasure of value and nature are being destroyed but their photos will remain alive and fresh. The photos of the historical places,natural beauties,cultural patterns,local cuisines,traditional costumes and life styles which the participants will bring from their countries will create a cultural exchange during the project. These photos will be exhibited in an exhibition and will create an interaction among participants and local people. *Project Aims: -To bring youths, youth workers and youth organiations from different European countries to promote international cooperation and communication, develope their capacity and experience sharings. -To support youth organisations' good experiences about the project theme in the international wide and disseminate their activities. -To arise the youths entrepreneurs against youth unemployment by involving photographing art, promote employment in this field. -To give opportunities to youths to observe their surroundings, to recognise the environmental&historical beauties and develop the councious of protecting them, to develope solutions to the environmental problems. -To promote ICT usage in the daily life, acquire foreign languages by arising awareness among participants towards the partner countries' languages. -To learn different cultures, develop tolerance,respectness and solidarity by introducing their cultural heritage,traditions(local cuisines,traditional customs, weddings and life styles) in peer learning methods. 8 partners from different 8 countries will come together in Erci?/VAN between 19-27 April to achieve theproject objectives. 52 participants will work together for 7 days. Turkey, as the coordinator, will join in the project with 2 leaders and 8 participants(Totally10), and the partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan,Crotia,Spain,Romania,Italy and Poland will take place with 1 leader and 5 participants(6 participants Total). *Participants Profile: All participants are going to be between 17-25 age ranges who are active, creative, knows English language and interested in the project theme. The gender balance will be arranged by all organisaitons and a distribution task will be devided among them by leaders before project. The participants are who havent been involved in EU projects before, in disadvantage groups, active, entrepreneur, knows foreign language at east to express themselves and can understand the project activities, interested in project theme, has team building skills, can work with different groups, can contribute the cultural activities and volunteer to write EU projects in future. The partners will also choose their participants according to the criterias metioning above. *Impacts and Results on Participants: -Learning photographing art and enrepreneur skill development -Inherit creativity and analytical thinking -Gathering modern and social skills -Learning to learning -Developing responsibility and free feelings -Improving their foreign language and communicaiton skills -Using ICT and develop those skills -develope EU citizenship feeling and active citizenship -Acquirement of new abilities, respect to different cultures,life styles and develope tolerance and dignity sipirit. Beside the above acquirements, the project develop youths and target groups EU citizenship conciousness. It will empower entrepreneur of youths to have qualified employment in future. *Methodology; -Informal and non formal educative methods will be used -Photographing -Trip-observation -Brain storming -Art theraphy -Hand art crafts -Workshops, -Powerpoint Presentations, Youtube vs. videos -Grup and peer works -Visual and Audio methods will be used. *Results&Outcomes: -Photographing art GU?DE -Project Facebook Group -Photo exhibition -Logo and brochure -Project roll up -Presentations -Decleration to preserve world heritageous.
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