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Güneşten Elektrik Enerjisi Elde Etme ve Konutlarda Kullanımı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project “Acquisition Electricity from the Sun and Using it on Housing ” is concerned with 24 students and 3 guardians from entral Gözne Multi Programme Anatolian High School,Tarsus Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Erdemli Vocational and Technical Education Centre The Project was born due to the needs below: Energy affects our life in every way. However, we all have understood that the production and the usage of some energy sources causes an irreversible environment crisis which is the common problem of the whole World. We need this project in order to bring up young generations who are sensitive to environment and create eco- friendly energy sources We use most of the energy in our houses. Solar Energy systems are quite cheap in terms of the basic electrical infrastructure and required grid investments which is needed to transport the power. Our country economy which is depended on foreign countries needs to face natural and alternative energy sources. Germany where our project will take place as mobility of the students is a developed country as public and private sectors in the solar energy field. Thus it is the world leader in using the latest and modern technologies in the field of solar energy. The ministry of Turkish Energy and Natural Sources cares alternative energy sources, too. It encourages individual studies on energy production. Beyond this, the government guarentees to buy the electricity which is produced by the investors who produce the electricity by their own investment. This situation indicates that the renewable energies are supported by the government and it will be the most popular energy investment in the future. We also aim to make this investment in our students who will be the technical elements of the future. AİMS of the Project. The aim of the Project is giving information and experience to the participants about obtaining electricity systems ; being a model to the society and raising the awereness in usage of the electricity in houses . Our Project will give the students a new point of view.With this Project, developing the experiences of the students we aim to use the solar energy in our school . Despite the fact that the climate is very apropriate for using the solar energy,the usage of it in the houses is not common.We aim to raise the usage of electricity which is obtained by the solar energy. The participants are going to recognize the solar panels which are used in solar energy systems and have vocational education in solar energy systems by examining electricity cables and electronic card. The participants are going to observe the modern technology and verify the applications which provide contribution to their vocational development. We want our participants to lead the community about obtaining electricity energy sources efficiently. Results Expected From The Project: The participants are going to have the conscious to use the energy sources efficiently. To see new technologies ,the new solar energy systems and techniques used in residants in place to learn about the necessary equipments and EU standards to use the solar energy systems in houses. Monitoring the necessary equipment at the residential use of solar energy systems They are going to learn EU’s point of view about the natural sources and ways of providing financial source for these. It’s going to provided that our country which spends too much on energy in EU countries will become awared of the alternative energy sources. The experienced staff need of the newly organized sector will be sufficed. Moreover, Our Project will be a new opportunity for t he enployment of the participants from the rural area.Morever,in terms of the participants wewill have a transboundary cooparation among the parpicipants,our schools will increase their institutional capacity and we will lay the foundations of a new partnership.Our school will teach the society the renewable energy sources and it wil manage to inform the society about the solar energy which is a responsibilty for us. We will create a management team for our Project.Before creating this team , when our Project wins we will have 60 hours seminar about project methods and techniques in Tarsus Vocational and Technical High School , which managed a lot of projects effectively and the one of the most effective high schools in our area.Moreover, Tarsus Technical High School will transfer their whole experiences in terms of being our consortium.our project team will organize all the activities about the Project and at the same time they will orginize the preparation, mobility and dissemination 24 students and 3 teachers will participate in the Project and their mobility will take place at the same time in “Institut BBF”, “Ausbildungsverbund Teltow e.V.” and “ComFort Schulungszentrum”educational center, Germany- on May 24th.June 7th,2015
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