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Güneş Enerjisi ile Dolan Fotovoltaik Piller
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project “Photovoltaic Piles/Batteries filled with Solar Energy” involves 96 students who study at Electrical and Electronics Technology departments at 11th and 12th grades and 6 accompanying persons from Gebze STFA Vocational and Technical High School, Gebze Vocational and Technical High School(gebze), Gosb Tadım Jale Vocational and Technical High School.(gebze), Deniz Yıldızları Vocational and Technical High School(darıca), Gebze Vocational Education Center(gebze), and 32 vocational education teachers from our consortium schools. Our project in the first step foresees, 96 student’s being trained at Portugal by DST Group about photovoltaic piles/batteries which are being filled with solar energy and in the second step 32 vocational education teacher's and managers' being trained on teaching photovoltaic batteries and its' being transfered to lessons. Nowadays, non-renewable energy souces’ costs being high, their causing environmental pollution, their access’ being problematic, their not meeting needs of the market, and their leading to many other problems led us to seek and find alternative, sustainable-natural energy sources. The environmental and monetary problems, that non-renewable energy sources has caused, shows us the importance of handling and using the sustainable energy sources.Solar energy is an energy source which is caharacterized as alternative, abundant, boundless, natural, external dependence free, economic, non-earth polluting and without location problem. It is christally clear that the use of solar energy should increase. And lately there has been improvements to increase it and solar energy is becoming widespread. Photovoltaic piles are semi conductor resources which transforms the sun light striking on it to electric energy. And solar acumulators(batteries) are the type of acumulators which helps to keep this energy. Their very large usage areas include; house lightenings, parks-garden environments, advertisement panels, hybrid cars, factory- house side lightenings, forest lightenings, road signs and draw wells. Their being so widely used increases job opportunities on it, however it is not easy to find qualified employees. And our project teachers don't know the subject field well because of their missing education and can not transfer pedagogically what they know to their lessons. They must develop themselves in this field so that they can transfer these to their students. Our project aims to train our schools' students studying at electricity and electronic technology department and vocational teachers and managers about batteries working with solar energy. At the end of the training process, they will have knowledge of the production, usage and setup of photovoltaic piles/batteries, they will learn new trends,they will have an opportunity to see it in the first place and they will not only learn it’s calculation technics theoretically but will also practice it . The following topics will be covered by the training programme; 1)The bases of photovoltaic battery systems (terms, production topics) 2)The system of photovoltaic piles and batteries (on-grid, free, autonomous systems, lightening, irrigation and signalling systems) 3)System components(Inverter, doing charge control machine connections, the measurements of total solar energy radiation, shadowing measurements, system configurations, connectors- doing cable connections) 4)Flow-voltage-power measurements And for our teachers; 1)Photovoltaic batteries' operation and its calculations 2) Methodologies and approaches on the teaching of photovoltaic batteries 3)New trends on alternative energy field and solar energy versions topics will be covered. By this means, our students will increase their competences ,answer the qualified employee need of the labor market and increase their employability. And our teachers will develop their competences and learnphotovoltaic batteries teaching and thetransfering it pedagogically to lessons. They will receive a certificate at the end of the training activity by means of the hosting organisation. In addition to all, they will develop themselves about European culture and increase their linguistic cometences. And will have an important step on the way of European citizenship.

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