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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project GUADALAJARA EN EUROPA+, is promoted from the town council of Guadalajara through the Integrated Municipal Centre of the Local Office of Employment and Development (OLED). This centre provides information of a diverse nature with specialities in the sectors with the most demand in the province. Apart from the training which they provide in each speciality, they train the students in self-employment and dynamic business, with the aim that students have the necessary base to create their own business. The town council of Guadalajara, aware of the importance of young people in the life and future of the city, has stated the necessity of concentrating its efforts on them. It’s for that reason that the town council believes it indispensable to offer young people quality training which is complemented with a training stay in another country in the EU. It provides them with the necessary competencies and abilities for their personal enrichment and professional future. With this premise, the town council of Guadalajara, has set-up a consortium with 3 Educative Institutions from the city so that they unify efforts in favour of the young people from the local area and work together on this project in a collaborative way. These institutions are: IES José Luis Sampedro, IES Buero Vallejo and IES Aguas Vivas. The Consortium created will offer 40 young people between the ages of 17 and 35 years old, who are undertaking the second cycle of professional training at Bachelor’s degree level or a training program for employment, the possibility of undertaking a training period of 3 months in a hosting organisation in an EU country. Young people should be registered in one of the three Institutions previously mentioned or in the Integrated Municipal Centre of the OLED. During the mobilities these students will be able to be recently qualified. While all of the participants will undertake an online language course using the Program Erasmus+ tool, the participants who go to Portugal will undertake a linguistic training course at the destination lasting 1 week and their training stay will be 3 months and 1 week. The stays are expected to be between April and June 2015, an extra week in September for the young people whose destination is Portugal. GUADALAJARA EN EUROPA+ will have the support of international organisations which will help in the monitoring and management of the training in each one of the country’s involved in the project: United Kingdom (Belfast), Ireland (Cork), Italy (Padua), Portugal (Lisbon), Austria (Vienna). The main activities scheduled are: - Publicity campaign for the project. - Receiving of applications. - Process of selection of candidates. - Preparatory meetings, linguistic and work training before departure. - In June 2015: Period of training stays. The duration will be three months, except in Portugal which will be three months and one week. - Upon the return of participants, a welcome reception will be organised. - Analysis of the evaluations of the program and work orientation course for the participants. - Delivery of the final report. The members of the GUADALARA EN EUROPA+ consortium will work together. They will stay in telephone contact and through email and they will meet-up regularly in order to study the course of the project, providing solutions to possible problems and be able to apply corrective actions in cases in the case that it is necessary. The sending and receiving organisations will work together in producing some of the training programs adapted to each participant. The participants will be able to do an online interview with the tutors of the receiving organisations, via Skype. The intermediary and receiving organisations will monitor and evaluate the participants and will ensure the compliance with all of the established agreements. There will be constant contact between the International organisations and the coordinator of the project. The evaluation of the stays will include the questionnaires sent to the participants by email, the evaluations of the participants on the part of the international organisations, as well as the intern’s evaluations of the participating organisations. The expected impact on the participants is related to the improvement in TIC´s and linguistic knowledge, bettern professionalism, better social skills and cultural knowledge, etc. Additionally, in the participating organisations the impact will be positive due to the enrichment which it provides to work with European organisations, being able to learn new methods from them which they will be able to apply to their own organisations. Some of the long-term benefits will be: greater quality of the educative system, development of the entrepreneurial culture, innovation in the different sectors, development of new technologies, increase in the awareness of European citizenship etc.
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