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Growth potential of Archaeological Cultural heritage in the South Baltic (GAC)
Start date: Jun 30, 2015, End date: Oct 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective for the project is to develop a business model for sustainable tourism within the historical and archaeological field in the South Baltic area.Bornholm has a particularly good representation of archaeological finds from all historical period in the South Baltic history, and lends itself to be a pilot area for archeological activities, which is intended to be replicated by the project in the area as a whole.Presently students and researchers from many countries comes to the island to do archeological field work. This is despite the fact that there is a very limited number of facilities that can support work and presentation of findings for the public.Therefore, the establishment of 1) a South Baltic Archaeology Network, 2) an Archaeological Center, and 3) development of new ways to present finding are essential to ensure the continued exploration of the South Baltic heritage.1) A South Baltic cross-border network consisting of mainly universities and museums will create activities such as meetings, excavations and exchange of students throughout the south Baltic areas. Further we will establish annual archeological camps in different South Baltic countries. These camps will also be open to researchers from around the world and thereby promote South Baltic history.2) The Archaeological Center will provide facilities for the field excavation studies. The network of universities has the ambition to submit archaeological field studies to the island, which will allow field work and thematic excavations in multiple time periods simultaneously, which has not previously been possible. 3) The project will test new ideas and ways for presenting findings to the public in cooperation with tourism organizations and develop ‘a business model’, which will be aimed on the whole area and which can contribute to the sustainability of the network. Expected Results: The main objective is to attract more visitors to the archeological sites in the South Baltic area both in terms of students and other tourists. As a prerequisite for this, the project will establish a cross-border network between institutions within education, cultural inheritance management and tourism development. The cultural background of the South Baltic countries will be utilized in a cross-border cooperation which will increase the shared fond of knowledge and in effect constitute a basis for development of tourism products, exemplary theme tours, packages for cruise visitors, arrangements suitable for bicycle tourism etc.The expected results will be:• In general securing and the strengthening of the South Baltic Cultural Inheritance • Strengthening of the network among the institutions responsible for field work in archeology in the South Baltic area• Utilization of Bornholm as a pilot area for archeological activities and tourist development and using the experience gained in other South Baltic countries• Existing archeological sites further developed• New sites created as excavation actions progress• Institute an annual archeological camp to be conducted consecutively in the whole South Baltic area• Establishment of an Archeological Centre• Existing and new documentation developed into ICT in cooperation with tourism branch entities making the sites known and more interesting to other tourists than students within archeology.• Cross-border networks forming the basis for combination of tours and events, which include sites in several South Baltic countries. Such theme based products may take the form of combined and consecutive events, or they may be designed to attract tourists with time lapse in between, based on the similarity of the themes developed.
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