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Growth and Professional Development Through European Exchange
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Tell me and I'll forget Show me and I may remember Make me part, to understand Konfucius 450 BC Perhaps the principles of Learning through Acting and Doing lie in these words. Yet, thousands of years have passed since then, but while teaching methods kept changing, school remains introvert and students are forced to adapt themselves to each educational system whereas each learning system should be flexibly adapted to our students' learning needs. Our project does not aspire to change the educational system, how could it possibly do so? But its aim is to enrich, to upgrade, to make it very attractive and popular, and finally simple and understandable for our young learners . It can be easily used by all teachers and special teachers,too, in each class of primary school and because our students are at such a young age it will find immediate response. The use of games, songs and drama, the realia in their daily transactions, the school trips, the constructions and experiments in labs, the use of GPS for treasure hunt games and geocaching, aspire to challenge the attention and participation of all students even the shiest ones, to strengthen their confidence and finally reduce their fear of failure. In times when our students find shelter in front of their computer screens and have neglected their critical way of thinking, and their empathy, perhaps this is the solution for their social integration at school and outside it. Teachers will also benefit by the project as the' Learning Through Acting and Doing 'teaching method, which , although it was generally applied,it will now be more systematically applied and its results will be analyzed,recorded and compared in relation to the students of our class but also to the students abroad, as we will have the opportunity to jobshadow and to teach in foreign learning environments. The final product of our cooperation,-a book with learning Through Acting and Doing teaching methods, lesson plans and examples of teaching will be available for any use to anyone interested.

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