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Growing up together
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

"Growing up together" is an EVS initiative coordinated by INGO Association, where international volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in the activities of 5 different Host Organizations (HO): "Villaggio SOS di Romã" (iri the city of Rome), "Villaggio SOS di Saranno" (Saranno), "Villaggio SOS di Vicenza" (Vicenza), "SOS Villaggio di Mörösölb" (Morosolo) and VKE (Bolzano), all of them in Italy. It's a group Activity divided in 2 different EVS Activities: one iri VKE and another one related with the SOS-Villages (seen that the volunteer will perform the same kind of activity during the same period, in very similar structures and will have the chance to share experiences between each other). "Villaggio SOS" takes care of children whose families are facing difficult situations and don't have the chance to watch them out and support them in their daily needs. In the several specific activities of the "Villaggio SOS", children and young people can experience a family atmosphere of peace and receive support to their physical and psychological growth. VKE, instead, aims to engage citizens' initiatives in favour of the right to play and play spaces for children and young people, but also more general to improve the life quality of children, youngsters and their families.The 12 volunteers presented in this application are from Uruguay, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Armenia, Hungary and Estonia. They will enjoy from this experience during a long term period (11 months). The volunteers will support the coordinator and the educators of the HOs in their work with the children and youngsters in different projects inside the respective structures. The volunteers will collaborate with the everyday-life activities (e.g. supporting-lunch time, picking children up from the school, accompanying them until the houses, etc) and organize and develop educational and specially free-time activities (games, sports, music workshops, painting, visit in a museum, etc). That's the reason why the themes involved are childcare and entertainment, besides the fact that we expect that volunteers, children, and teenagers can have the chance to learn from each other, growing up together!!!
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