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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This youth exchange will take place in Portugal, starting on 2nd September until 11th September,2015. Participants: This youth exchange is for youngsters between 18 and 25 years old, from Portugal,Latvia, Italy and Romania(5 participants + 1 leader). No restrictions for leaders age. This project is for youngsters with few opportunities, that are unemployed, out of school already, with risk of leaving school at an early age or face any other social/ geographic/cultural obstacles. Background: This organisation placed in a rural area and in a Natural Park, was expanding due to the large number of youngsters who wanted to do more for themselves, for the community and for surroundings. Looking to the importance of the rural areas and their specifics, and the potential offers of work, we intend to present the characteristics of the rural area to the youngsters, in the way that they understand that there are still solutions in this economic recessional atmosphere. It is important to give tools and knowledge to our youngsters, in the meaning that they develop strategies and, expand their personal, social and professional values. This, in turn, will enable and motivate them to become entrepreneurs of their own life, and create answers to an economic system that is not useful for them. Goals: - To understand characteristics of a rural area, its potential, what can be explored; - To sensitize youngsters for entrepreneurship; - To enable youngsters to write tools (Europass CV/ Youthpass/ Cover letter/ Business Plan) that give them value in the labor market; - To exchange and share cultural experiences (traditional dances, stories, games); - To develop intercultural dialogue and european/international awareness, to promote tolerance, respect and solidarity; -To develop personal and social skills (self-esteem, critical thinking, assertiveness, motivation; self-confidence, teamwork); - To spread Erasmus +; - To sensitize youngsters about EU; - To promote learning outcomes in agreement with the youthpass key competeces; - To advance a communication in a foreign language; Activities and methodologies: In this youth exchange we will have activities such as: Activities and Name games; Dance Workshops; Evaluation Meetings; Intercultural Evenings; Tourist Visits; Public Demonstrations of the work developed during the Exchange; Traditional Storytelling; Theatre, Music, Dance & Media Workshops; Energisers & Ice-breakers; We will have methodologies such as: Power-point; Prezi; Interviews to the elders about games and traditional storytelling; Cooperation between the participants to get the goals in each activity; The main focus will be non-formal education, even that we will have some few moments with formal education. Results, impacts and benefits: We intend to enable youngsters in a personal, social and professional level, so that they feel able and secure about themselves and to search for an economic solution for their future. To search solutions, they need motivation, self-confidence, resilience, and we want that this exchange promotes these skills, that enable the participants to design their projects and plans, either at the professional or personal level. We hope also that youngsters stay aware of the potential of the rural areas, that they feel motivated to search for more. In this way, we believe the results in youngsters will be in the moment through the tolerant and sharing atmosphere, that they will leave, but also in a long term, when these youngsters will put in practice what they developed or discovered, in this project. Of course, this results, impact and benefits will be reflected in the communities where these youngsters belong, in the different countries, and also for the organisations that can work more in an international level, sharing experiences and knowledge.

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