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Growing and Playing Together
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Amor de Dios is a charter school . It is a private founding school supported by the goverment. It consists on four levels: nursery (from 3 to 6 years old), primary( from 6 to 12 years old), secondary education (from 12 to 16 years old) and post compulsory ( from 16 to 18 years old) There is a bilingual programme which started 3 years ago. Arts and crafts, music and P.E. are taught in CLIL. We use innovation tecnologies such as digital blawhiteboard, internet, and so on. We have just started an eTwinning project with some European teachers. GROWING AND PLAYING TOGETHER was born. to learn more about the European fact through sports, games traditional songs and dances of the English spoken countries. . All the school teachers will take part in the project but it will be the music teacher, the English teacher , the PE teachers and the Arts and Craft teacher who will be in charge of the project. They will be the volunteer teachers who will take part in the movilities in the UK during the summer 2017 .During 2016-2017 school year, students and teachers will start with a brainstorming activity using their previous knoledge and then they will research the different sports, games, traditional song and dances in European spoken English counties. students will use the Information and communications technology (ICT) such us Internet, youtube videos and so on. We will look for some more partners using the etwinning tool who would increase project value.. The teachers who will do their movilities will investagate about the differnt topics related to the project in the schools, libraries, and so on.2017-2018 school year. students will do projects each term to practice every field so students will play games and sports in PE lessons, they will dance and sing easy traditional dances as Ceilidh and songs in the mucic lessons and they will create materials, posters, murals and so on in the arts and crafts lessons. Term 3, students will share their works with their families and relatives and they will be able to parcipate in some activities for example games, songs and dances in an open door policy to parents and relatives. The project will end with a big festival where all the community will take part. This festival is celebrated every school year and there are over 1,500 people or more. The festival storyline will be the spoken English country culture. Students from preschool to bachellor act in it. This huge event will be recorded and broadcasted by our youtube channel. The local newspater will write the news as journalists always do. The participants are 6 teachers who work at the school. They teach lessons in the bilingual programme or belong to the English department.Their English level is a B2 in The CEFR . The teachers are going to take part in some structured courses in the U.K. during 12days to get thier goals. One of the teachers will participate in an English teacher training course in Exeter and five of them will take part in some structured courses with job shadowing expoeriences in schools in the Uk . They are motivated and eager to participate in this European experience, they are conscious that this innovative initiatives are our future.Teachers should learn about a new methodological approach CLIL, the European objectives2020, the competences, Europass and portfolio, and should have been looking for the suituable course focusing on their goals in order to carry out the projectOur aims are directed to get the internalizacion learning about English spoken countries culture and to get well trained teachers through a better English comunication skill and a new methodological approach. We would like the trained teachers who being conscious of the European awareness will use the Europass and take part in different European projects. Students will improve their communicative skill, business initiative and improve the digital competence. The improvements will be confirmed through several assessment and annotations in the portfolio. In a long term the level of English language will improve and students with an open-minded, feeling part of an European project, knowing the differences and common denominators
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