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Growing an intercultural neighbourhood, growing a civil society
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European Union - is a "union" which consists of small countries and its citizens. The European Union is a multicultural area where includes different religions, traditions, culture and human behaviors. We all have to learn how to collaborate, communicate with each other. We have to create a society that everyone be regardless of their race, religion or culture thus feel united society and community. Recently, European countries and Lithuania are often shown at media channels and we awared of the news about polarization of religions, cultures, ethnic groups. To solve this problem, initially we must establish campaigns, starting from ourselves, our neighbors, whether they belong to our cultural representatives or foreigners. Besides, we must try to understand each other, get to know and tolerate. The main aim of the project - to promote cultural diversity, knowledge, understanding and inter-cultural dialogue between different ethnic and religious groups. The project "Growing an Intercultural Neighbourhood, and a growing civil society also aims to: - Increase young people's interests and knowledges (informal field of education means) that is deriving from different cultures; - The development of respect and understanding against foreigners; - To promote cultural diversity by organizing cultural events, forums, meetings, debates (children, youth, adults) - Contribute positively to the active & conscious citizens of the European education; - To promote inter-cultural dialogue, within not only in big events such as international conferences or symposium, but indeed a small circle of people sharing their personal experiences, playing different games, sharing recipes, discussing read books and articles, organizing cultural, movie evenings, when meetings with young people (not only Association) and discussions on current topics. Project will involve 1 volunteer from Austria who will stay 10 months in Baltic Turkish Culture Academy. The volunteer who comes to Baltic Turkish Culture Academy, actively will participate to the Association's activities, with the main purposes of inter-cultural dialogue between different cultures, understanding and tolerance. Volunteer is going to take part in daily, creative activities and activities initiated by volunteer himself. Volunteers is going to have 36 hours of activities weekly and work with children, youth and adults. Lithuanian language training will be provided to volunteer since it is the main communication language during various activities with local people. All volunteer‘s activities are based on the principles of non-formal education and competence-oriented volunteer training. Volunteer will acquire and improve the following competences: - Understand cultural differences and communicate effectively; - Work in a multicultural team, to be active, to show initiative; - Will gain self-confidence; Gain / improve organizational skills (helping to organize cultural events); - Foreign languages (learn to clearly express their feelings, opinions foreign language); - Improve communication skills (communicating with young people and the local community); - Will gain knowledge about other cultures and religions; - Improve existing social skills; - Using technology, association‘s boarding site. - Improving the knowledge of language; - Improve their entrepreneurial skills; In addition to all of these skills, the volunteer will also learn how get to know her/himself and understand which learning method suits him/her best. The project included three organizations - sending, receiving and coordinating which will distribute project ownership and achieve the successful implementation of the project. Each organization will play an significiant role in volunteer‘s service period (selection, reception, coordination, etc.) By the project "Growing an Intercultural Neighbourhood, a growing civil society“ we suppose that it will affect the local community, the surroundings, the stakeholders and organizations involved. The project will contribute to the awareness of young people besides the education of young people competences and a competitive workforce development in Europe and internationally, will change the attitudes of young people who have different European cultures, will enable young people to be more mobile, ecourange youth to be more active in social and democratic life. Feeling confrontation between different cultures and religions, this project will contribute to the promotion of tolerance and intercultural dialogue among different European organizations.

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