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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:"Grow Roots in the Countryside" has been arose in an european rural context . We have notice that, during the last decades, unemployment and depopulation are big issues in european rural areas. In addition, the social structures are more and more fragile. Equally, this fact is afecting the livestock and agriculture. We think it is neccessary to create helping local networks that encourage young people to start sustainable proyects and green enterpreneuship in rural areas. To conclude, if these actions are taken into account, it will help to stablish young population in rural areas keeping the identity of the landscape and the culture of villages. NUMBER AND PARTICIPANTS PROFILE:Our target group for this project, called “Grow Roots in the countryside” are: - Social workers, trainers, facilitators and leaderships who are working under non-formal education with youngsters, unemployees and nature pasionate people in rural areas, encouraging them to create communitary projects.- Social workers, trainers, facilitators and leaderships who are trying to bridge people between urban areas and rural areas- People who are deeply interested in ecobuilding, agroecology, green enterpreneurship and support social networks in the countryside. The course will be open for 16 people from Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Bulgary and Moldova) sharing experiences, knowledge and strategies to take actions in revitalize the European Rural areas. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY AND METHODOLOGY:The Project will have a main activity wich will be a course helded in Cuérigo, a village located at the municipality of Aller (Asturias). Through a 6 days course activity, we will research, analyze and reflect about 3 main topics:-The first block will be focus on GREEN BUILDING and ways of create projects in this context at our organizations.-The second section will be devoted to AGROECOLOGY. In this section we will study how to design gardens in terms of the objectives that we want to achieve. We will encourage the participants to make harvesting practices and a seed conservation workshop, emphasizing the importance of cultivating varieties adapted to our climate conditions. - The third and final part will be focus on ENTERPRENEUSHIP PROJECTS AND LOCAL SUPPORT NETWORKS. We will concentrate on how we can use green building and agroecology to achieve this aim. We will analyze some examples of networks created all over Europe in which associations, which are taking part in this project, are involved actively. We will analyze their performance, their strengths, their weaknesses and their influence and help on our lives.DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS AND EXPECTED IMPACTS:We hope this project brings with it profound changes in the theoretical approach of those who live in the countryside. We want to create practical Green Building and Agroecology workshops, so participants will reflect in their projects at their local associations. We also hope to encourage them to create new forms of relationship in their local projects. Along this, we would like to implement local support networks which give value to the effort and work in rural areas, local businesses and self-employment projects. All in all, we would like to arise a sense of being more sustainable and rural. From this wonderful experience, we also want to create a support network through which one we can share experiences, changes in our lifestyles, changes in our associations and also in our local community. We hope to create strong relationships in their bases and enduring in time. We believe that new technologies will help us in maintaining and strengthening this network.LONG – TERM BENEFICTS:In the long term we believe it is possible the European rural areas resurgence and growth. Rural communities and villages will be more interconnected on their experiences, modernized in techniques and technologies, but aware of the local culture, traditions and local resources. A more lively and respectful nature, sustainability and rural landscape will be growth from this experience. We hope this project will help the participants and the partner associations to build a new rural way of living, creating communitary life projects and professionals enterpreneuship. As a whole with a sense of place, community and self- awareness.
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