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Grow Entrepreneurship Potential in VET Institutions

The importance of entrepreneurship for economic growth, employment and social cohesion is widely recognized across Europe and manifested in numerous strategic documents in the last decade. As the most recent Entrepreneurship 2020 Action plan of the European Commission shows, entrepreneurial skills are among the most important transversal skills of the 21st century which support growth and business creation. Thus, “Investing in entrepreneurship education is one of the highest return investments Europe can make”. The current project GEP VET (Grow Entrepreneurship Potential in VET Institutions) was initiated to tackle exactly the issue of fostering entrepreneurial learning among young adults involved in VET, and to contribute to some European initiatives as the VET-Business forum and Sector Skills Alliances. The project takes as starting point the previous Grundtvig project PECAE (Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture in Adult Education PECAE aimed at raising awareness about the importance of entrepreneurial skills among teaching and training organizations by developing curriculum for adult trainers, teachers and educators on imparting entrepreneurship as a cross-sectoral topic into already existing course curricula.The GEP VET project has the specific goal to transfer and develop further the educational and training products of PEACE to new countries – Bulgaria, Slovakia and Germany, where entrepreneurship is high on the political and economic agenda, and also into a new educational context – in formal VET institutions as well as informal labour market trainings. The entrepreneurial training contents from PECAE will be integrated in the training methodic of Bulgarian, Slovakian and German VET trainers and thus, enable them to promote the dissemination of an entrepreneurial mind-set among their trainees, including such with socio-economically disadvantaged background.
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