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Grow and Develop
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since September 1, 2013 Ogre Technical School (hereinafter OT) has received the status of the Vocational education competence centre. In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Rules of Procedure No 144 on 19 March, 2013 "Order to Grant and Cancel the Status of Vocational Education Competence Centre", in order to maintain compliance with the regulations, the educational institution must implement a variety of eligibility criteria. Two of them have to offer opportunities for students to participate in international exchange programs, as well as internship in the European Union programs, and provide teachers’ professional experience exchange and internships both at national and international level. The project "Grow and Develop" will be implemented with the aim to continue the development of OT and its work by providing growth opportunities for OT staff and students that improve the achievements of OT. For three years OT is implementing work-based learning and the number of students is growing every year, so it is necessary to continue to develop this field.The project provides two main activities, which are divided into several parts:1)foreign internship for nineteen second and third year students from five educational programs, implementing work-based learning, in three parts:a. Germany (Salo + Partner Berufliche Bildung GmbH), educational programs: • Woodworking Manufacturing – three OT students;• Construction Work– two OT students.b. Spain (Education and Mobility), four OT students from electronics program;c. Malta (Future Focus Ltd), educational programs: • Catering Service – five OT students;• Hotel Service – five OT students;Five weeks of internship will help OT students to improve their professional skills, see the future perspectives, gain confidence in their skills and the added value – getting to know other cultures, assertiveness training. Implementing international training in working environment, the project participants acquire not only professional skills, but also general and social skills, which are highly valued by the companies, because students are expected to be appropriately prepared for the internship. Previous experience shows, that students, who have had internship abroad during school, have a significant increase in career opportunities and they provide intercultural competence in the new workplace, improve internal company’s operations and become a valuable employee.2) Five OT professional subject teachers’ experience exchange abroad, to increase knowledge and learn new practical skills in work with the latest technologies, working in an appropriate field, to raise the qualification and improve the quality of teaching, in three parts: a. Germany (Salo + Partner Berufliche Bildung GmbH), educational programs: • Woodworking Manufacturing – one OT professional subject teacher;• Construction Work – one OT professional subject teacher.b. Spain (Education and Mobility), one OT professional subject teacher from electronics program;c. Malta (Future Focus Ltd), educational programs: • Catering Service – one OT professional subject teacher;• Hotel Service – one OT professional subject teacher.Professional subject teachers will use the acquired competences to improve the practical training and will share their experience with colleagues, which improves the educational programs and as a result the OT students will gain better knowledge that contributes to their professional career development. The international experience exchange and practice will increase the quality and prestige of vocational education, it definitely improves the individual career opportunities for the graduates of OT, as well as it will improve the knowledge of teachers.The results of the project will be used to raise the quality, effectiveness and compliance of vocational education with the labour market requirements.Project implementation from September, 2016 to June, 2017.

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