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Greijdanus internationaliseert
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of our most important goals in my school, the Greijdanus Collegiate of Zwolle,is Internationalisation, to be realised through the education we offer. This does certainly not include only knowledge. Shaping the identity of the student, educating the whole person, is our first priority. Building the student’s identity is not only important during subjects like Religious Studies; it is part and parcel of all subjects and learning related activities the school provides. Moreover our students are Dutch citizens, who live in a world where distances seem to diminish in importance. They are world citizens in a world which changes all the time. Currently there are assassination attacks of terrorist groups, suicide bombers and waves of asylum seekers. As world citizens they must have sound knowledge about languages, countries and cultures, so they are able to understand others, how they think and why they do things like they do, their motives. Without a doubt the high school students will sooner or later be actively involved in Europe or at least have one way or another some contact with other countries. That is why it is of prime importance that “we” , educators, have to prepare them for that world, prepare them to become and function as European citizens, as responsible world citizens, capable to understand and empathize with others. Right now our school’s ultimate goal is that all our Greijdanus students, more than 2200 in Zwolle, experience three whole days (or six halves) of “internationalisation” . We define this as being immersed in another world of (different) culture, language and nation, purposefully meeting the other people of that world and participating in that reality; in short: living the life of “the other one”.
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