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Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme
Start date: Oct 15, 2012,

Egypt is facing key environmental challenges, including air and water quality, waste management, coastal pollution, and desertification. Egypt is in an urgent need for Sustainable Development linking the growth to the environmental preservation avoiding more deterioration of lands and additional diseases for the population.The wider objective of this project is to make Sustainable Development and Green Economy the new entrepreneurial frontier and hot business in Egypt. The project aims to develop a joint or at least double MSc program on “Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship - GIEP” in four different Egyptian universities in order to create a whole new generation of business and social entrepreneurs with the skills that will allow them to start-up green businesses, launch innovative ventures and products, and put in place public policy and social entrepreneurship innovations. The five specific objectives of the project are:1- Developing a joint/double MSc program GIEP.2- Introducing green technologies and labs.3- Developing the capacities of the EG academic members.4- Developing a Web-based online Learning Management System.5- Pilot implementation of GIEP and EG&EU accreditation.The project will be carried out over three years to reach the following outputs and outcomes:1. A complete ECTS MSc program on “Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. This includes multidisciplinary courses on green technologies, sustainable cities, socio-economics, entrepreneurship as well as 2. The necessary labs and infrastructure to run the GIEP.3. Qualified Egyptian academic teams able to teach the developed program and supervise multidisciplinary Thesis. 4. An online web-based Learning Management System contains the developed courses (online video lectures, self-assessment tools, communication channels, wiki, forums, etc.).5. The GIEP is receiving students and running in different partner universities and going through the EU and EG accreditation processes.
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