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Green Fingers

This is a two-year Grundtvig “Learning Partnership” Project funded through the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.The aim was to create international exchanges for adult trainers and learners working in the area of gardening and food-growing for children by creating small groups in each partner country – the “Green Fingers Groups”. Each group included adult education specialists, experts in gardening, and people working with children. The “Groups” increased participation in adult education by developing practical activities that were attractive and had immediate results. For example, the UK partner worked with local schools, training centres and gardening experts to provide interesting opportunities for adult learners (such as half-day practical sessions in the school garden, helping children learn by doing). This project was found to be very interesting to older people, and also accessible to people with lower educational attainment.Each Green Fingers "Group" organised visits to partner countries, to meet colleagues and to compare activities and results. The visits also included practical gardening sessions.Each "Group" also learned about the adult education situation in their local area, and actively promoted these opportunities to participants. Most areas have many courses available around this theme, from formal professional qualifications to half-day informal workshops. The international links did however identify recommendations for new training courses.In short:Green Fingers used the theme of Gardening as an educational activity to attract adult learners, especially older people, to carry out practical work with children (for example in school gardens). This in turn generated new interest in learning by the adult participants.

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