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GReen City I. Η ενίσχυση του ρόλου της ανακύκλωσης στη διαχείριση των Δημοτικών απορριμμάτων.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The optimisation of public waste management, is acknowledged to be one of the most important factors for the success of the strategic goal of resource saving in the countries of the European Union. A crucial point in the success of this goal is the application of a policy for the alternative management of waste, where the primary role is given to recycling. Despite the fact that recycling in the municipalities of the Greek state has shown an upward trend during the last decade, the results it has demonstrated have nevertheless lagged significantly behind the minimum targets of the European guidelines (EU waste framework directive) that require recycling of 50% of solid public waste by the year 2020. Moving in this direction, by implementing the present plan the Municipality of Chalkis has aimed to boost the role of recycling, initially of packaging materials (paper, glass, plastic, metal and wood) and to exploit non-recyclable waste for energy production. The plan involved training 24 individuals from the staff of the municipality, who need to upgrade their specialised knowledge and acquire new skills. The training, lasted two weeks in all, took place in two streams, each of 12 people, in November 2015 and April 2016. The first group of 12 people travelled for one week to Spain, which has shown an upward trend in the recycling of public waste and at the same time, as a Mediterranean country and touristic region, has needs that more closely resemble those of Greece,while the second group of 12 people travelled for one week to Germany, a leader in the waste management area. The training requirements included technical visits to recycling plants, to companies that exploit non-recyclable waste for the production of electrical energy, to environmental research centres, to biomass production installations, etc. In addition, they included seminars on the subject of motivating the public to recycle more, as well as study visits to related public authorities and non-profit organisations for the exchange of experience in relation to the collection/separation/reclamation of recycled materials. As host partners, a non-governmental organisation Wisamar GmbH and the company IΝ.CO.MA S.L. have been selected as having significant experience in similar mobility programmes. Comparative observation, exchange of experience, and evaluation of the recycling systems that are used in Germany and Spain will contribute to the choice of an optimum system model for the management of public wastes. Basic GOALS of the plan are: - the acquisition of certified knowledge and skills by personnel in a European environment - specialised training in new methods of waste management and recycling - the acquisition of a social conscience by the trainees and the ability to participate in European “knowledge networks” - the incorporation of skills in work, so as to connect training with the labour market - the acquisition of expertise, best practices, and familiarisation with advanced technology - the adoption of environmental-friendly methods and saving of resources focused on prevention, reuse, recycling, and reclamation of wastes - empowering the participation of all the stakeholders in a European country for Lifelong Learning and productive interaction. Expected RESULTS of the implementation of the plan are: - satisfying the participants’ individual needs for training and certification, access to Lifelong Learning, professional development and recognition - reinforcement of the role of recycling by integrating the skills of the trained personnel and applying best practices - the acquisition of experience that will contribute to the gradual energy independence of the Chalkis Municipality region - protection of the environment and saving of resources - involving and sensitising all citizens to the process of recycling and in a move towards the implementation of the common vision of the Municipality and the Citizens for a GREEN CITY - increasing the satisfaction of citizens, who will enjoy a gradual improvement in their quality of life from the application of “green” waste management. The plan, via programmed propagation activities, will have a wide and significant impact on both stakeholders and third parties, while the expected benefits will accrue to authorities/organisations in Greece and in the European Union, prolonging and broadening their viability. In the long term, the plan is expected to contribute effectively to the recognition of the importance of the European dimension of professional training as a means of achieving European cohesion.

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