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Green Business is Smart Business
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

During the last decade the movement towards environmentally responsible enterprises is growing worldwide and the Lisbon Agenda clearly proposes that innovation and development should go hand in hand with the protection of the environment. It is also with no doubt that when SMEs are attempting to initiate such Green Business activities, an important set of skills and competences in the field is required. In this context, the project focuses on the delivery of a personalised "Green Training Programme", aiming to improve the knowledge and the skills of entrepreneurs and practitioners related to the effective implementation of Green Entrepreneurship practices in SMEs. The GoGreen project will draw on the results of a transnational training needs survey in order to identify the existing eco-awareness and knowledge gap of the target group. As a result, a "GoGreen" Training Programme will be developed and will be pilot tested in all the participating countries. The project will develop (in all partners' languages, plus English):- Training material, suitable for blended learning activities (to be used in pilot training workshops in the participating countries)- An integrated knowledge base, including an e-Learning Platform and other online supporting tools for the provision of personalised training- An interactive blended learning courseSpecial "GoGreen" Bureaus will be established inside the participating Chambers for the exploitation and stainability of the project outputs. The project will also build a practitioner network of green entrepreneurship educators who will be fully trained for the new material. A wide range of dissemination activities are also envisaged (publications and promotional events).The project is designed to address the needs and involve SMEs owners and senior managers, procurement and HR managers, Green Business consultants, as well as VET professionals, public authorities' executives, policy makers and practitioners in the field.
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