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Greek, why not? Bilingual Method for Learning Greek
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

Objective: To create innovative, accessible, & high quality Greek language learning material, tools, & methodologies promoting lifelong learning as follows:a. bilingual interactive teaching material of GFL (Greek Foreign Language) for adults who wish to learn Greek easily, yet in-depth,b. material suitable for both classroom & independent learning,c. material addressing the inherent difficulties of Greek phonemes & pronunciation that lead to systematic mistakes made even by advanced learners (pre-A),d. a complete educational series that systematically covers all levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for GFL - the proposed material (A1-A2) aimed at taking a first step in this direction.Description: Creation & publication of "GREEK, WHY NOT? - Bilingual Communicative Method". The proposed material will include:- Pre-A level focused on Literacy (textbook & audio CD)- A1 & A2 levels each including textbook, workbook including key book, audio CD, & a teacher's book. The published material will be complemented by a web site with E-learning activities & assessments.The 3 levels will be in: EL-EN/EL-FR/EL-RU/EL-TR/EL-SQ. The communicative approach will comprise texts as authentic as possible for these initial levels whose meaning will be consistently illustrated. The bilingual structure will explain in learner's L1 all the linguistic phenomena, communicative activities, & vocabulary in a comparative & systematic way, with a view to minimize eventual misunderstandings & facilitate pre-cognition & meta-cognition processes. The bilingual multimedia material & the key books will further promote independency & efficiency, helping also students unable to assist classes (at all or on a regular basis). An essential aim would be to promote a better understanding of Greek civilization, culture, & people's mentality in an appropriate way. Impact: A concise, efficient material, suitable both for academic & vocational studies, that enables independent & interactive learning, while addressing proven educational gaps.
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