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Graphic Youth. EU Dialogue through Illustrated Narrative
Start date: Dec 15, 2015, End date: Aug 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Graphic Youth. EU dialogue through illustrated narrative" is a 7+2 days youth exchange of KA1 Erasmus + project and it will take place in 2016 in Palermo from February 16th to 24th. Main purpose of Graphic Youth is to focus on the role of illustrated narrative as a non formal instrument through which we can describe reality and especially how it has been used to talking about conflicts and war scenarios. Starting from illustrated narrative and its non formal nature, the other objective we want to reach with Graphic Youth is to emphasize the catalysed and sensitizer role of illustrated narrative toward young generations and their interest to this topics; in this way, illustrated narrative becomes the perfect instrument through which develop a much more strenghtened concept of european citizenship. For project "Graphic Youth", Maghweb will cooperate with organisations from Spain (AEGEE-León), Portugal (Associação Spin), Czech Republic (Asociace Dice) and Hungary (Kulturális Kapcsolatokért Alapítvány): they'll participate with 5 participants per organisation, everybody aged 18 to 30, plus 1 youth leader per group. Participants must be interested in social dialogue and social inclusion, that are main goals of the project; moreover, they must be interested in illustration, that'll be the principal objective of Graphic Youth. Organisations will try to keep the gender balance, involving a 50-50 male-female proportion; moreover, we'll try to involve youngsters from different social-backgrounds, in order to reach the goal of a perfect exchange of opinions between participants, so each organisations will be in constant contact with each other during the participants' selection. During the exchange days, non-formal methods will be constantly used for all programmed activities. Participants will be encouraged to exchange their ideas, perceptions and experiences about graphic novels, graphic journalism, comics and animated illustration. Also, they'll use peer-to-peer debates and brainstorming in order to examine how this media can be useful to develop new points of view and new communications models. For this purpose, some activities will be to watch together some animation movies or comics tables from most important and known books about this themes (just like Maus, Waltz with Bashir, Persepolis etc.) and and then to talk all together about this operas. Role play will be a non formal activity too, in order to talk about the role of illustration in its many aspects, both as an information tool and as an educative method. Making a background analysis of graphic novels, participants will also discuss about different historical-political scenarios in Europe; this will increase the knowledge of different european cultural contexts, an essential step from which starting in order to reach an important objective of Graphic Youth, to promote the sense of belonging to european citizenship. At the end of the exchange, participants will use group activities and non formal methods to develop a final illustration work through which all groups can face the theme of european citizenship; they'll use tools and methods developed and used in the days before, just like comics and illustrations. From all objectives of the project, we will focus on: to increase the ability of intercultural exchange between young europeans, to facilitate youngesters while develop their creativity using graphic novel and graphic journalism even as educating methods, to enlarge knowledge about european history and society, using a non-formal method like animation moves, increasing a stronger sense of european citizenship. All programmed activities and topics will have a constant connection with development and deepening of Erasmus + programme and ll its activities, such as Youthpass.
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