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Granice mojego języka są granicami mojego świata
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project named ‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world’ will be carried out in 7 High School in Radom during two school years – 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. The essential preparations will take place in the year 2015/2016. The project will initiate the series of activities involving all the staff, not only the teachers, of our school. The direct beneficiaries of the project will be six teachers, listed below. However, the project will be directed at the whole school community, including students, teachers and parents, and it will be conducted thanks to their significant commitment. It will be the first project carried out by our school under the auspices of European Union.The initiative team consists of six teachers:1. Michał Deja, Polish teacher for 22 years, school Headmaster since 2015/2016,2. Monika Tkaczyk, English teacher for 20 years, project coordinator,3. Anna Sputowska, English teacher for 13 years,4. Anetta Piasecka, English teacher for 23 years, took part in Comenius course in 1999,5. Ewelina Makuch, English teacher for 17 years,6. Marzena Wójcicka, physics teacher for 15 years, former school Headmistress.The above teachers were chosen during the recruitment process by the Headmaster. The criteria were: knowledge of English, receptiveness to changes and eagerness for implementing them, their usefulness in the process of accomplishing the plan of strategic school development, availability and stable family situation. The team drew up the plan of education mobility in order to achieve the project goals.Phase 1: “Teacher’s Refresher Course for non-native Teachers’ starting on 04.07.2016 in Dublin (Ireland),Phase 2: general English course starting on 08.08.2016 in Cork (Ireland),Phase 3: general English course starting on 24.10.2016 in Bournemouth (Great Britain).The choice of these courses is connected with carrying out the plan of strategic school development intending a new vision of our school as well as achieving the following project aims:1. Raising the teachers’ language competence. 2. Improving the methodology knowledge of at least six teachers of 7 High School.3. Broadening the knowledge of eTwinning among at least 70% of our teachers.4. Establishing the international cooperation with at least two schools and developing the existing partnerships.5. Developing the social and civic attitudes among at least 60% of students at our School.6. Arousing the awareness of the necessity of constant education among at least 60% of students at our School.The project main objectives concentrate on the following activities:1. Preparing the participants for the courses,2. Taking part in education mobility,3. Drawing up and implementing education innovations concerning teaching foreign languages and physics,4. Developing the cooperation with the current partners (e.g. AISEC, American Corner),5. Organising annual European Culture Days and European Foreign Language Day,6. Joining eTwinning,7. Initiating the idea of making films about 7 High School and Radom in English version,8. Translating school website into English and German,9. Organizing school debates about the life of European community,10. Beginning the permanent international cooperation with a few European schools in order to finalize the project activities during 2-3 years,11. Popularizing the outcome of the project in our school, other schools in Radom and the general public,12. A few degrees of project evaluation.Carrying out the project will result in improving language, methodological, cultural, social and civic competences of our teachers. It will contribute to even higher awareness of the changes needed in our school as well as their implementation. As a result, the educational offer of 7 High School will be significantly broadened, the classes will become more attractive and adequate to the students’ needs and the current job market requirements. All the changes will lead to the improvement of the students’ learning results, both at the end of school year and at the school leaving exams. The teaching staff and our students will become more active: they will join domestic and international projects, including those online, they will begin using European tools and certificates (eTwinning, Europass). The attitudes of the school community will change and will become more open and respectful of diversity. All these factors will contribute to the higher competitiveness of our school on the local and European markets.
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