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Grandir en Europe : professionnalisation des apprenants et des personnels des établissements de formation aux métiers de la petite enfance
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Growing up in Europe : professionalization of learners and staff of vocational schools dedicated to early childhood occupations” was gradually built in an overall logic, implemented since September 2014, thanks to the European project “Growing up in Europe” still running and involving vocational schools (teaching staff and learners), collectivities, childcare centers and researchers in early childhood fields. Thus vocational schools of Voiron, Saint-Marcellin and Echirolles were associated in a collective project together with Finland, Turkey, Italy and Romania, called “Growing up in Europe : professionalization of learners and staff of vocational schools dedicated to early childhood occupations” . This project is carried out over two years (from September 2015 to September 2017) and is the logical extension of the two Key Actions: KA1 “Comparative view and exchange of practices in vocational training dedicated to early childhood occupations” and KA2 “Growing up in Europe”, still running. The general objectives of the project reflect the participants’ expectations: 1. Understand the organization of the different vocational training systems dedicated to early childhood occupations, 2. Get familiar with training contents, 3. Adapt better the vocational training offers and educational skills to the professional demands (practices exchange, organization and center visits, training in vocational schools, …) 4. Promote innovative practices use in schools and in professional organisations. 5. Develop cross-cutting and professional skills of the learners in order to foster their integration in the working world. Via the different activities the project concerns directly 129 persons in total, and indirectly, following the dissemination event and global impact of the project, the whole actors public involved on the professional ground of early childhood matters of the 4 countries. The activities should be the following: 1. Observation sequences in vocational schools: pedagogical activities, pedagogical innovations reflection, school management and staff training abroad, reflection on early childhood professional training engineering. 2. Discover new childcare centers and organisations in relation with professional integration of the learners in our schools: leaners training course and apprenticeship abroad. 3. Discover the influences of different pedagogical trends developed in young children structures. 4. Identification of the politics implemented for the childcare for children in special needs. In order to carry out this project as best as possible, different tools have be used: management tools for activity timetables, Gantt chart, etc. in order to allow the follow-up of a good implementation of the project and respect of the deadlines. Protocols have been defined by the participants and partners: mandate, study contract, participant attendance sheet, mobility programme agreement, quality assessment of those programmes. Different components have been drawn up in accordance with every partner, who committed into the respect of procedures and suggesting alternative solutions in the event of unexpected impediment. The outcomes of this project will mainly come from the activities: productions such as a communication tool dedicated to centralizing the participants’ experiences, developing the European professional dynamic, running of a mobile show developed by the learners and fostering European experiences. There shall also be intangible results such as knowledge and experience acquired by participants, learners and staff, language skills improvement and cultural awareness. Therefore on a local scale, participants’ experiences should be used to realize a European forum on early childhood professional practices, supported by testimonies and productions. As to the different structures involved in the project, impacts will be seen through pedagogical and professional practices. Besides, new partnerships can be planned between the different structures. In a long-term process, consequences shall be: 1. Enrichment of professional practices, 2. Pedagogical innovations completion, 3. Fostering links between training and professional fields, 4. International exchanges dynamic to be developed within professional centers, 5. Enrichment of apprenticeship places range in childcare structures in different countries, 6. Enhancing partnership between French and European structures, 7. Recognition of different actors and positions implied in early childhood matters.
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