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Graduate's Insertion and Assesment as tools for Moroccan Higher Education Governance and Management (GrInsA)
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

The main objective of GrInsA project is improve the higher education reforms and modernisation, based on quality assessment and support the employability of graduates. Morocco is characterised by low impact of education on social and economic development and the educational institutions are working on improving the quality of instruction to contribute to growth and productivity. International collaboration projects aiming at improving education outcomes are one of the main leverage contributing to the HEIs better answer to need for economic growth and improving of the quality of education system.The project will support Moroccan Universities in identify instruments and methodologies to improve the effectiveness of education system reforms by the application to the local situation of a data base of the graduates of the involved Universities. Following the example of Almalaurea consortium, an IT system will be developed in order to ensure two main objectives: provide an instrument for an efficient quality assessment of the education system and support the collaboration between the education sector and the business sector. Enterprises will have the opportunity to access to a graduates CVs data base and find the most suitable experts of a specific field, as far as the graduates will have a window towards the labour market. Employment growth will be supported by the collaboration between local and international enterprises and the education system. On the other side, Universities will evaluate the employment rate according to the different training courses and will improve the educational offer accordingly.This process will be supported by the AlmaLaurea consortium, which will collaborate with the Moroccan Universities in the IT set up, population and dissemination of information on the potentialities and possible utilisation of the data base, as for example for Report in the graduates conditions and job surveys. Training of trainers will be performed on specific sectors linked to the IT development and on the illustration on how to promote the data base within students communities and towards the business sector in order to ensure project sustainability. Moreover, in order to ensure the efficiency of the data base, the needs and constraints of the enterprises will be tested and evaluated within the project thanks to the collaboration with SMEs associations and representatives in order to tune the intervention and the contents of the data base.Along with the technical activities implementation, the identification of instruments and methodologies on how to use the indicators and the statistical data will be provided during specific training sessions. All the project results will be largely diffused by international conferences, meetings, publications and a web site. The project will produce its major effects on the beneficiaries Universities and the Ministry of Education as main target groups and will have also long lasting impact on the overall education system in Morocco and also in the enterprises human resources management sector. The adoption of the CVs data base will be an instrument not only for the quality assurance and evaluation of the education systems but also will be an instrument boosting the collaboration between Universities and the labour market at national as well as at international level and it will e constantly updated by the Universities and its functioning is ensured also after the project conclusion.
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