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Governance of natural resources – EU experience and challenges for Russia
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main issue addressed by the project is the low awareness of Life and Earth sciences students and faculty in the region and elsewhere in Russia (RU), regarding EU achievements in the field of environment, in particular in institutions developed for governance of natural resources. At the same time, due to Pskov’s location at the borders of two EU member states (EE, LV) and within two major river basins shared by these countries, improved understanding of EU institutions will be an important learning outcome the university would be able to deliver for its natural and environmental science students in order to be competitive. The central objective therefore is to address this issue by developing, teaching and disseminating a 7 ECTS module for undergraduate students, that reflects the challenges and achievements of environmental governance in the EU, the applicability of the EU experience in RU, and the related entrepreneurship/carrier development opportunities. This objective encompasses several related objectives. First, this is a contribution to environmental governance research in RU that needs to be developed to support socio-economic transformations, especially as regards local sustainability and transboundary issues. Second, this is development and piloting of more interactive and self-reflective methods of teaching and learning. Third, the students, the faculty and broader public needs better awareness of the EU as a RU neighbour, which would be addressed as well. These developments will be supported by e-learning platform with the course materials and library, and by dissemination actions. The success will be measured by the number of trained students (at least 20 annually), re-trained early stage faculty capable of delivering environmental courses featuring a strong governance and/or EU component (at least 6), attendees of the annual seminar on transboundary issues of governing natural resources in the EU and RU and its sustainable status (at least 20).
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