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Governance For Sustainable Development
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The aim of the project is the preparation of common curricula by the consortium of 5 partners (Higher Education Institutions in the EU) for the master and PhD degree studying programme entitled: Governance for Sustainable Development. After the financial crisis it is needed (much more than before) a strategy to comprehensively address long-term issues and lead the economy of every country to stable, balanced and sustainable growth. New sources of growth will have to be supported by investments in infrastructure, innovation and education to facilitate productivity growth, while ensuring sustainable use of resources in a greener economy, within a context of open markets. It is also the strong requirement addressed to higher education in the area of teaching young generation and adults the rules of good governance for achieving sustainable development goals. Achieving economic and social stability as a global public good requires better governance especially in developing and transition economies. Common principles and standards on propriety, integrity and transparency governing the conduct of international business and finance help promote a healthy and sustainable economic system. The social dimension of growth is also crucial in this effort, through the promotion of employment opportunities, the creation and updating of skills and the protection of the weakest through appropriate social safety nets and income support. It is necessary also to strengthen action against corruption, which poses serious problems to the stability and security of societies. The work will focus on 6 main pillars: 1.Government Effectiveness (quality of public services, ability to promote innovation), 2. Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection (sustainable and renewable energy, investment in public transportation, incentives for recycling, enhanced CO2 reduction), 3. Social Policy, 4. Control of Corruption, 5. Public Health, 6. Sustainable Agriculture.
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