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"Gotov(a) sam! A što sad?"
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As for the pupils with special needs, awareness of the pupils with disabilities is a common and everyday thing. Hardly anyone thinks about the gifted ones.According to some estimates, Croatia is 30 years behind the developed countries in organizing the system of care for the gifted pupils. "We believe that progress comes through hard work of all participants, but only individuals are capable of new ideas and plans. In the new millennium, during the world's growing complexity, we need intelligent and creative leaders, therefore we need gifted and talented - more than ever. Progress depends on the insights and predictions of the most capable individuals, and neglecting their complete development would be of irretrievable loss to society ", it was concluded at the 7th European Council for high capacity, called „Talents for the Millennium“, and held in August 2000 in the Hungarian city of Debrecen. Developed Western countries consider the human resources a precious national wealth, and have for decades systematically been taking care of the gifted ones using education and management. Transitional countries also pay more attention to gifted children and youth, providing special studies and centers and to work with them.Gifted children are different and creative, and often fail at school because to them the school curriculum is boring. Educational programs in Croatia are designed for the average children, and those who deviate from the average have big problems. Teachers generally do not recognize gifted children and they need to be given professional training in order detect gifted pupils and work with them. Gifted children necessarily need special attention of their parents, as well as special treatment in the educational system.Therefore, gifted students require a special approach and methodology. That's why we formed a project team with a goal to acquire knowledge, educate our colleagues and ultimately work with gifted students. After returning from professional training (mobility) our project team will start cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy, and we will identify gifted pupils in our school. The project team will organize a cycle of workshops designed for gifted students to increase their academic achievement, better relationships with peers, successful communication with teachers and greater self – confidence. Our next step is the adaptation of the school curriculum. We will form teams of teachers responsible for different areas of the curriculum. The specific results of our project are materials for teachers and pupils available at school’s website, innovations and improvement in teaching gifted pupils, electivity and individualization of educational contents, encouragement of more complex forms of thinking and the application of the usage of knowledge, a supportive environment, increased quality of teaching, motivation of teachers for professional development, improvement and modernization of the school curriculum, a better understanding of gifted pupils and the possibility of better education and employment in the future.We want to raise project „I'm done. Now what?“ related to gifted children at the international level and to liaise with schools from abroad to carry out special programs for the gifted in order to share experiences,organize exchange students and hosting of our teachers in schools abroad as well as teachers from abroad in our school. We want to develop a program for gifted students, include it in the school curriculum and become a school recognized for its projects for gifted students and attractive for children from different catchment areas as it provides a high quality educational staff, a pleasant atmosphere for playing and learning and optimal conditions for the development of the potential of gifted students . Knowledge and skills students acquire in this school will be the first step towards their further education, career choice, career success, personal success and life satisfaction.
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