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Good Morning Freedom!
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We write this project because of have passion for women enterpreneurship and accession as a team and we plan realize this project. Women take important place in society and from the beginning they are regulating and supporting people in society. Women enterpreneurship is an important point of cycle in social,cultural and economic. We take notice about empty slot of women enterpreneurship and because of this we aimed realize this project. Women have basic duties and verges in society because lack of education. We wrote this project to overcome all these situations. If the international numbers concerned with the power of woman in economy are looked, it's seen that the owners of twenty five - thirty three percent of the companies in recorded economy are women. When this situation, for Turkey is evaluated, while the participation rate of woman to work power in rural area is decreasing sixteen percent, this rate is increasing in urbans between 1995-2005 years. This situation shows that women tend to more conscious enterpreneurship activities in commercial and economic arena rather than the agricultural acitivities. In this context, women enterpreneurship has important profits and adventures in the economic and social life and it can be told that women constitute an important lever force in economic improvement in their own country. In this context, the project tend participants to enterpreneurship with both workshops and outside activities, also train them about this subject.Our project's first aim is overcome of women's verges in their life an lead to accession, bring women in self confidence. We aimed support women about women accession in society and provide women's self confidence with continuity. It's known that women contribute economical situation of country by using women's potential work force and spirit of enterpreneurship. We choice our partners from underdeveloped countries and developed countries. The aim here is synthesize between these countries. When we look economic and politics, we provide encourage underdeveloped countries through specifying of developed countries. In behalf of appearency, during the project we take photos of workshops , we prepare brochures and we will distribute these brochures. At the same time we pronounce women enterpreneurship and accession using by social media and we make a website through this aim. We campaign to take support about women accession using by social media.We informed our participations, how can the make tender and which institutions they can present. We motivate our participations through accession experiences. We raise awareness of participations making and interview with both as public and as women accession. We inform our participation about European opportunities and Youthpass certificate and we want studying from them like flipchart,sketch etc. Our participation profile as six country include four people and one group leader. In total there is thirty people . We choose two men and three women in five person are choosen from every country . We will choose every country through give importance of women accession and economic income. Methodologies will use in workshop is flipchart, sketch, presentation to enrich our workshop.Our project will realize in Ereğli on 5 days.The aim is here offer opportunity to the individuals using via restricted area. On 5 days half of the fifth day we turn back Konya dawn-town.Because we can contact more assessination and people in city center. In conclusion especially women accession projects and provide entrance for work force field, encouraging and motivating them and inform about European opportunities.
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